What's the best moisturiser for dry skin?

Q. I have been a Flight Attendant for 15 years and my skin now is so dehydrated that I think sometimes people mistake me for luggage! Can you recommend an exceptional facial cream both for night and day wear that is super hydrating and repairing? I have spent thousands over the years and still haven’t quite nailed it. I have borderline sensitive skin and I'm 42.

- Chelsea

Beauticate loves this image by Jamie Nelson.

Beauticate loves this image by Jamie Nelson.


Ah, travelling can certainly wreck absolute havoc on our skin- and this is just after one long haul flight. Putting your face through this almost daily is a sure fire way to zap moisture- but luckily enough there are some fab products available at your disposal. Here are our pick of the top super hydrators that will work around the clock (and through multiple time zones) sans irritation- just be sure they’re under 100ml to save the tears at security when they bin your beauty stash. 


La Mer Crème De La Mer Ultra Rich Moisturising Cream

Funnily enough, one of the writers at Beauticate’s mama has the same issue- a flight attendant with skin that’s basically crying out loud for a moisture hit. Her current fave (as well as loved by the Beauticate team) is La Mer Moisturising Crème. Thick, but easily absorbed, there’s a reason this has cult status. The signature Miracle Broth is like a huge drink of water and will hydrate even the driest of complexions. Perfect for sensitised skins too. 


Avéne Tolérance Extreme Cream Rich Texture

This super thick, rich cream formula is designed for sensitive and hypersensitive skin- making it perfect for anyone exposed to damaging cabin air. It has less than 10 ingredients, and now comes in a bottle that lets in zero air when you pump, meaning your product stays sterile (this is a huge tick in our books for air travel as that recycled air is basically germ paradise). Why hasn’t anyone thought of this earlier?


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

This products sits somewhere between a cream and (as the name suggests) a balm. It’s super thick on application but it melts into skin like butter. It’s enriched with Edelweiss Flower Extract as they’re known to thrive in high altitudes- making it seem almost made for air travel, right? It works to form a barrier between your skin and the environment, keeping it moist even at 40 000 ft. in the air. What’s more, it doesn’t discriminate between night and day use. 




Answered by Emily Algar.