How can I get flawless foundation?

Q. My forehead gets flaky when I put foundation on. How can I fix it? - Amina

Beauticate loves this image of Nimue Smit by Ruben De Wilde

Beauticate loves this image of Nimue Smit by Ruben De Wilde


A. A flakey forehead, or flakiness anywhere on the face, can ruin a perfect base. Foundation generally tends to only exaggerate the problem. Basically, dry, flaky skin is caused by dry or dehydrated skin. Dry skin produces little to no oil, while dehydrated skin lacks water content. Dry skin, for this reason, will be tight and might flake either in spots or all over. Dehydrated skin may still be prone to breakouts, but will also be dull, crepe-y or flaking in areas. The flaking in this instance is generally caused by skincare that is too harsh (i.e. too many active or exfoliating ingredients). The intuitive move is to scrub and scrub in the hopes this will banish all flakes, but all of this overstimulation might be your downfall.

 The best way to tackle this issue is via three steps: 

1. Look at your diet

Ensure you’re drinking plenty of water and add some good fats in the way of oily fish, avocado’s and nuts. Maybe an Omega 3 supplement like fish oil will help. 


2. Recon Your Skincare

As mentioned above, try to workout what’s causing the flaking- are you a dry skin type, or dehydrated. Ensure your skincare routine is simple and not too harsh or packed with active ingredients. Use a gentle soap free cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser


3. Use a facial oil 

If you skin is dehydrated, use it at night. If your skin is lacking oil, you might want to add a few drops in your moisturiser during the day as well. If you tend to be oily in areas, try pure jojoba oil as it regulates oil flow. We love The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba. If you crave extra moisture, try something that will boost skin lipids. Dermalogica Phyto-Replenish Oil is amazing, or we also love Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Face Oil. Use a gentle chemical exfoliant like Trilogy Gentle Exfoliant a few times a week, ensuring you don’t over exfoliate. Add a good hydrating moisturiser and you should be seeing less flakes, more dewy glow. 


Story by Emily Algar