6 Aussie Minimalist Brands That'll Make Your Skin (And Bathroom) Beautiful

With so many beauty companies churning out products that contain a mile long list of ingredients that we’ve never even heard of, sometimes it’s just best to go minimal. Not only does minimalism help weed out the toxins that are commonly present, but it also helps to create the best possible product with the best possible natural ingredients in a way that is environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Less is absolutely more in this case and these local Australian companies have perfected their craft to help us get back to the basics. Oh, and they'll also have your bathroom beauty cabinet living out the minimalist aesthetic of your dreams... 

Image: Instagram @dnaelements

Image: Instagram @dnaelements

Tactile Treasure

DnA Elements

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Nature was the inspiration for DnA Elements, a brand created by pharmacist Danielle Glover and designer Amanda Muir. Together, they formed a team that brought simple, elegant aesthetics with organic, all-natural products. They pride themselves on their transparency and even make each individual product by hand using old techniques modelled after ancient apothecaries - we know, seriously impressive work. We're personally obsessed with the French Red Clay Mask - it exfoliates and detoxes the skin leaving skin immediately fresh and glowy. Perfect for breakout prone skin.  And, they've kept everything at a super affordable price point. 


Argan Arbiter

Atom Boutique

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Atom Boutique specialises in argan oil. What makes them stand out from the sea of other argan oils is that their product is 100% pure, raw, natural and vegan, as well as being a socially responsible company with ethical cruelty-free practices. Read: the local community they work with in Morrocco receives the highest return for labor. What’s better than beauty with a conscience? A beauty range with a conscience, that's what. While they do focus on their oil, they also have other amazing products such as coffee body scrubs (our fave) and ghassoul clay masks - perfect DIY spa combo to pair with your new spa-esque looking products... 


Honey, Honey

Mrs. Manuka

Like the other brands in this list, Mrs. Manuka is proudly Australian with products that are 100% natural, cruelty-free and toxin free. Their niche though, as the brand's name might suggest, is their obsession with Earth’s precious gold: honey. Their formulas are specifically created with honey as the star ingredient so that no matter how dry or greasy your skin gets, nothing will ever sting or burn. Manuka honey contains antibacterial components and has been a known healer for abrasions, particularly within New Zealand indigenous communities, for thousands of years. They believe in clean beauty, which can be seen not just in the way they style their packaging (which looks amazing), but in their range as well. Just three heroes: a detox mask, a lip balm and a daily moisturiser. Easy breezy. 

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Love from the lab 


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While Onne products are all natural and cruelty-free, it doesn’t stop them from their formulas packing a punch. Scientifically formulated with the most recent skincare technology, their products aim to achieve high level efficacy in terms of anti-ageing and skin renewal. No matter what your skin type, they seem to have a product for everyone. And, of course, they've put just as much effort into their luxe chrome packaging. We're in love with their Body Bar and Skin Sparkling Sponge, especially in winter when dry, scaly skin needs some nourishment and softness. 


Botanic Beauty


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Australia’s landscape has produced some of the world’s most diverse and vital plants, something that Leif understands. With the philosophy and belief that everything good comes from Mother Nature, Leif has created formulas that are free of parabens, mineral fillers and all the other nasty stuff but full of natural Australian plant magic such as antioxidants found in the Kakadu Plum and anti-bacterial properties found in eucalyptuses. The way in which this wonderful product came into fruition is also quite interesting. They had a back to front approach, starting as bottle makers for other beauty brands before launching their own range. The haircare range is the big winner for this brand. The Blue Cyprus and Lemon Shampoo and Conditioner gives your hair a well-earned break from heavy chemicals, and it smells gorgeous. 


Bearing is caring


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Although BEAR is not a topical beauty product, their native plant-based supplements are definitely something that you should be adding to your beauty routine. Their motto, “Protect for immunity. Perform for clarity. Restore for energy. Explore for balance,” says it all: look after your inner beauty for outer beauty. It is also great to note that BEAR donates a fixed amount towards animal welfare and conservation projects worldwide so you can enjoy their product while helping to make difference.

Story by Maria Pielago