Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

'What to buy, when you’re told not to buy a thing' should basically be the tag line for Father’s Day. It’s always hard to purposefully send yourself on a frantic goose chase, with the likely outcome being that you’ll find absolutely nothing first go. Painful, we get it. And, if you already pulled out the big guns last year (that wheel of cheese might have set the bar too high), our thoughts are especially with you. Good news though, we’ve taken matters into our own hands, and we’ve found a bunch of gifts to save your bacon. Some are even, cheekily, gifts you'll enjoy as much as them…  

An adorable daddy/daughter moment shared by David Beckham on his IG account

An adorable daddy/daughter moment shared by David Beckham on his IG account


1. Anything Aesop

Who doesn’t want a bit of Aesop sitting pretty around the house? This one’s actually for you, ladies. Aesop make their classic Intrepid Gent gift set, which is made up of a Face Cleanser, Morrocan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion, and Coriander Seed Body Cleanser. Maybe even throw in the almighty Post-Poo Drops while you are at it. It’s a must in any household. 


2. The Tech Monger

Give the gift of the future (aka technology) this father’s day with the latest lightweight laptop by ASUS. It's available in a metal grey stay finish, to give it that certain je ne sais qua - oh, and it’s only 1.8 centimetres thin which means it makes for a perfect lap companion. 


3. A Quick Getaway

Treat your partner to a night at Jackalope in the Mornington Peninsula, because he probably needs a little break (and you’re more than happy to be his plus one for the venture). This ultra luxe hotel is set amongst the backdrop of a working vineyard, and surrounded by scenic landscapes - Buckley Nature Conservative Reserve, Balbirooroo Wetlands Walk and Somers Beach, to name a few. They also offer a complimentary breakfast, have two in-house restaurants and a winery. There’s also an infinity pool with vineyard views, and an abundance of pampering treatments are available also. You're more than welcome.  


4. The Travel-Friendly

Speaking of getaways, we’re all for stylish little travel packs that are both compact, but manage to do the job. Cue a mini roundup of gifts by our friends at Men's Biz that will definitely go the distance both in-flight and on ground. 


5. To Aroma-fy 

Why not indulge in the sense of all senses - a.k.a smell. No one in the history of anyone, has ever not wanted to smell good. We’ve got an abundance of fragrance whether it be men’s cologne, pillow spray, and candles, all with androgyny infused hues. 


6. The Multi-tasker 

And finally, give the gift of knowledge that can double as a nice coffee table book (we’re not afraid to multitask). Find one that indulges in his hobbies, yet has an ultra chic front cover that you know will sit pretty under a vase of hydrangeas. Some of these online stores may not ship to you in time for Sunday, but you’ll be able to find most of them at your local book store (plus more, if none of the above will tickle his fancy). 


Story by Claudia De Berardinis