hairstyles for long hair (and they're not boring)

Long hair is a timeless trend. But without a clever cut and a bit of nifty styling, flowing manes can quickly turn into a motionless mess.  Or worse still - they can end up looking limp and flat. To prevent your lengths from heading to yawn-town, we’ve compiled our favourite long-lock looks to try your hand at.  

BEAUTICATE LOVES: Photograph by Liz Collins 

BEAUTICATE LOVES: Photograph by Liz Collins 

We spoke to the hair stylist supremo Deborah Grevett of Paddington’s Papillon Hair for the 411 on  how to enhance ample strands at home:


1. Hollywood Curls  

Hollywood Curls.jpg

A chic classic, Hollywood curls create a stylish silhouette perfect for an evening event.

“Work product through your hair from roots to ends, I suggest Anti Gravity by Kevin Murphy. Ensure all of your hair is dry and establish where you would like your part. A handy tip is to take your part further than you would normally to give yourself more hair to play with in your wave. Section your hair and using a conical, straightener or tongs curl each section in the same direction. Once your hair is curled allow it to cool for 10 minutes. To finish off use a bristle brush to brush your curls into your desired wave and spray with a medium hold hairspray.” 


2. Boho waves

Boho waves.jpg

oho waves are the perfect style for looking like you haven’t put too much effort in - even if it did take you an hour.  

“Create this look by working with your natural hair texture enhanced with product. If you have curly hair or waves, use a leave-in hair moisturiser with hold like Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion. For fine hair use a sea salt spray like Original Mineral Surf Bomb to create texture and hold. Blow dry 90% of moisture out then apply product from roots to ends. Let hair dry naturally.” 


3. Bouncy Blow-Dry

Lengthy Layers.jpg

A good blow-dry creates volume, bringing life to lacklustre locks. Well, if it’s good enough for royalty…

“You will need a good heat protector and thickening spritz like Original Mineral Atonic Spray. Spray it into hair and comb through to distribute evenly. Blow dry 50% of moisture out then section hair and blow dry with a big ceramic brush, tucking the ends under. Ceramic brushes heat up more than bristle brushes, which allows the hair to set the curl and create more bounce. After you’ve dried a section, wind it around a Velcro roller and leave in as you continue drying. Leave rollers in for ten minutes to cool then take out.”  


4. Side-Swept Statement Fringe

Side-Swept Bangs.jpg

Spicing up lanky tresses, fringes add a level of interest to a long mane.

“Apply a volumiser like Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity to ends. Blow dry 50% of moisture out, section hair and continue drying with a medium ceramic brush. Tuck ends under and let them cool down for each section with the ends rolled under the brush. Part the fringe where desired and blow dry, lifting up for volume, then sweep to the side. Place a Velcro roller in the fringe and around the end of each section as you dry it. No need for them on top as the body is for the ends of the hair in this style. Run the dryer over the Velcro to heat them up. Spritz a light spray like Redken Fashion Work 12 for a soft hold. Leave them in while you do your make-up to cool and for the style to set. Remove and finger-comb through each section to loosen and separate. 


5. Effortless Bedhead Hair 

Effortless Bedhead.jpg

Rolling straight out of bed never looked so sexy.

“This look is best worn with a leather jacket, boots and skinny jeans. Use a bit of texture spray in your hair and blow-dry with your fingers, tip head upside down to get volume in the roots. Original Mineral Surf Bomb is a great product for this look.”


6. Slick Tails 

Slick Ponytail.jpg

A perfect style for in-between-washes, a slick pony can make slightly greasy hair look chic.

“Spritz with a light hairspray and brush hair back neatly into a low ponytail. Part can be wherever you prefer – middle, side or straight back with no part. Then take a small piece of hair from the pony and wrap around the elastic to hide it. Secure the end of the hair with a bobby pin.” 


7. Bounded Braids 

Bounded Braid.jpg

Whether it is on the side, sleek or slightly messy, braids are having a serious moment right now.

“Start by splitting your hair from ear to ear, section into three, crossing the right strand over to the centre, then cross the left strand over to the centre. Continue by taking some hair from each side of your head and add it into the cross-over. Continue this all the way to the nape of the neck and finish with a traditional plat. Be sure to use anti-breakage elastics around the plat.” 


Story by Nicola Donovan.