Hairstyles for Wet, Windy Days

Along with tailored winter coats and butter-soft leather, the transition into the colder months brings with it an unglamorous side. Winter wind enjoys nothing more than swiftly turning carefully curated curls into frizz and zapping locks of all moisture. Yep, wild weather can hastily wreak havoc on even the tidiest of tresses, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite styles to ward off the winter hair blues. 



We spoke to Aleks Abadia, Head Stylist and Founder of Esstudio Galleria who revealed the secrets to sophisticated strands that stand a chance against wet, windy days: 

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The Topknot

A fast fixture in the hairstyling world, the topknot is a simple, no-fuss option for the girl on the run.

“Worn dirty, this look is great for work and casual day wear. Add dry shampoo and away you go,” says Aleks. 


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Braided Bun

Stepping your technique up a notch, the braided bun is a chic choice for those wanting a more composed look.

“Try a loose, low braid and simply twist it into a bun, securing with bobby pins,” says Aleks.

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Side Braided Pony Tail

Tying in the theme of braids, this style is a great way to add some texture to your tresses.

“Great for long hair, this style adds some interest to a basic pony tail,” says Aleks.

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The Low Bun

Sleek and sophisticated, this style will take you from the office to drinks seamlessly.

“This is a very stylish and very Spanish tango dancer look," says Aleks. "Sleek and smooth will always work well on an evening spent out and about!”

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Twisted Sisters

This imperial style is quite literally an elegant twist on the classic low bun.

“Twist away from the face and secure with U pins," explains Aleks. "Create interest with a twisted knot on the ends, before securing with bobby pins.” 

Story by Nicola Donovan


What styles will you try this winter?