Hairstyles: Hair Makeup Review

Our hair struggles can be a balancing act between wanting hair to grow strong and healthy and maintaining the regrowth that inevitably follows. On top of this we experience faded colour at the roots and greys – and our busy lives mean we notice suddenly only on the morning of a work presentation or weekend soiree. This has meant hours and dollars at the salon and bathroom battles with messy or unmatched root touch-up kits... Until now. If our recent influx of beauty deliveries are anything to go by, there is a new generation of hair colour technology: hair makeup. It's the latest time-saving tool and we couldn’t wait to trial this nifty newbie. 

Beauticate loves this image by martin diez

Beauticate loves this image by martin diez

Best For: Keeping roots in check between salon visits

L’Oreal Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray


L’Oreal have long been doing fabulous wonders for our hair, and their Root Concealer Spray is no exception. The spray utilises their newest technology in, well, root concealing. The fine powder spray applies easily to the root area (including that annoying section above your neck that’s on show every time we tie our hair up) using the fine nozzle head. And, with a good range of believable colours, it’s super simple to use. It’s gentle on the hair cuticle, so perfect for regular touch ups between salon visits. 


Best For: Nixing oily regrowth

Ambiance Dry Shampoo Applicator Brush


Multi tasking products are always deemed worthy of space in our beauty cupboard, and Ambiance’s Tinted Dry Shampoo is the perfect pairing. The only thing worse than grown out roots is oily grown out roots – and this super easy dust-on powder is the saviour for both. It covers a large area of hair with ease, and the brush gives just a little more control than you find with aerosols. 


Best For: Keeping in your handbag

John Frieda Root Blur Colour Blending Concealer

John Frieda.jpeg

Firstly, the packaging is designed perfectly - a sleek case that looks more eyeshadow palette than hair colour. Inside is a mirror, brush and powder duo. The two colours can be used alone or together, and work through roots. There is more than enough colour pigment to hide regrowth, and the all inclusive carry case makes it a handbag essential - it can even double as a brow powder. Win. 


Best For: Throwing in your travel beauty kit

Cover Your Gray Waterproof Chubby Pencil

Cover Your Gray.jpg

We’ve dabbled in root touch up crayons before and we can’t deny their convenience. No spills, mess or chances of ending up with colour all over your forehead. Cover Your Gray’s latest version isn’t sticky in hair and glides over roots, blending away greys. Being waterproof and extremely compact, this Chubby Pencil is ace for throwing in your holiday suitcase to hide and pesky regrowth when there’s more important things to think about (another cocktail perhaps?). 


Best For: When you’ve really let things go…

Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer


Joico have packed a lot of colour into a little can. Their concealer spray is highly pigmented and, thanks to the thin nozzle, easily sprayed throughout the hair strands. This is our top pick for regrowth and it deserves it’s own postcode - this spray has the power for some epic coverage. Our only advice is to avoid using it if you plan on swimming or getting caught in any heavy downpours - the colour can run when wet.

Story by Emily Algar