How To Be Alkaline (The Easy Way)

With a surfeit of superfoods we can’t pronounce and fad diets near and far, the battle to be healthy can be most daunting. Alkaline is the new flavour on everyone’s lips, said to minimize disease and shrink the hips, but heeding to a strict food plan is difficult for many. So what if we told you you could practise an alkaline lifestyle and yet not subscribe to a strictly alkaline diet? 

Beauticate loves: Hanne-Gaby Odiele by Richard Burbridge

Beauticate loves: Hanne-Gaby Odiele by Richard Burbridge

Fear not fellow foodies and social butterflies who too seek out a green-laden path. We’ve got the low down from none other than “The Body’s” nutritional guru, Dr Simone Laubscher, who created an alkaline-boosting, superfood-injected elixir just for Elle. So if you’re a little green [with envy] over Elle’s eternally youthful glow and incredible physique (she is 50 after all) – it’s time to go green another way – on the inside. 



It’s all about the water, baby. With our bodies being 65% water and human blood plasma made of 92% water, keeping our internal seas in check is a must. Ultimately our body functions at its optimum when the ‘water’ components of our body are alkaline. As Dr Laubscher explains, “this is because when the body is alkaline the body's cells are more likely to allow goodness into the cell and toxins to be removed. This is the key to life, allowing cells to divide correctly and natural flow of goodness in and toxins out. All diseases love to grow in an acid, de-oxygenated environment which is why staying alkaline puts you in a positive health status and therefore more likely to prevent rather than invite disease.”

Elle sparked a health-foodie frenzie with this Twitter pic for her Super Elixir by WelleCo

Elle sparked a health-foodie frenzie with this Twitter pic for her Super Elixir by WelleCo

Illustration by The Lust List

Illustration by The Lust List

The Magic Potion.

The Super Elixir is somewhat of a magic potion, designed to support your healthy nutrition at a cellular level, targeting all 11 systems of the human body including; the digestive, endocrine (hormonal), integumentary (hair, skin & nails) circulatory and nervous systems. Let us explain before you sprinkle away…



Bad Boys.

Don’t want to lose the latte? Still want that glass of Pinot? Supplementing your diet with an alkaline-based supplement will negate the toxicity of such guilty pleasures. Even if our coffees are made with almond milk and our cocktails laden with strawberries, coffee, alcohol, sugar, fast foods, processed foods and meat make us acidic, no matter how hard we try and guise them in goodness. But at the end of the (long) day, we all indulge and flirt with the bad boys from time to time, it is neither pragmatic nor desirable for many of us to just quit them all together. So instead of channelling an herbivore and maintaining a wholly plant-based diet, an alkalising supplement meets you where you are currently at (hopefully not between the chip and chocolate aisle, but even there it will help), and ultimately aids in fast tracking your health. 

Be picky (yes ladies, hooray!)

Rejoice, as this is the time to be fastidious and fussy. Choose supplements shrewdly, scepticism surrounding the use of and absorption of vitamins and supplements stems from those of the synthetic variety. So when choosing, make sure they are derived from whole foods, “we are whole functional food-based, bio available to the cell for our ingredients are 100% from nature and not made from a lab which our bodies love and cells love, right down to the mitochondria!” says Dr Laubscher.  For those of us lacking a scientific tongue, supplements must be coming from whole foods, in favour or their synthetically created counterfeits (herein lies the critique).

Good guys.

So, whom exactly can we call (or eat) to fight our internal wars? Nutrients work best in synergy; so when all combined in the form of supplements and powders, we are left with a wonderfully inclusive, beneficial outcome. We’ve given these guys the green light in terms of goodness:



Scoop away.

Whilst scooping Elle’s Elixir and alike into our smoothies and coconut water may not give us ‘The Body-esque’ proportions of Ms. Macpherson (not that our fingers aren't crossed), it certainly will aid the detoxification of toxins and alkalizes any nasties that may be feasting on our acidic systems. Our cells will be celebrating inside and out – beautiful insides equals beautiful outsides.


Story by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis