Beauty Cues from our Favourite TV Mums

Mother. Mama. Mutter. Màna. Mummy. Mère. Mum.

In any tongue, Mother knows best. Even through our television sets, mums protected, healed, nurtured, taught and loved their children. For Mother’s Day, we take a retrospective look at the beauty of television’s mothers gone by. Some with timeless elegance, others with glamorous overtones; a cinematic nod to the mothers who made breakfast and braided hair on our silver screens. 


Carol Brady – The Brady Bunch

The Look: The Carol Brady 'Do


The name Brady renders images of perfectly-preened locks, warm meatloaf on the table and endless smiles. Carol Brady was the quintessential 60's mother - a mother of ‘perfect’ proportions. Her appearance too was one of flawlessness; big, doe eyes, a radiant, clear complexion and of course the 'do.  Her hair almost had its own starring role in the sitcom; long before the lasses of the 90's were repping ‘The Rachel', it was 'The Carol Brady' at barber shops alike. The evolution of her hair was somewhat legendary, forever changing and always emulated, it went from bob to bubble-do to mullet, but one thing was certain, it always had a flick. The mullet (in all its glory) even had one uniform, upwards curl which stemmed from its end. While mullets are most certainly taboo these days, mama can definitely flick it like Mrs Brady. 

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Morticia Addams - The Addams Family

The Look: Wing Eye, Straight Hair and Dark Lip


The ultimate goth goddess, Morticia espoused a dark, deeply mystic look long before the cool cats of today. Long, dead-straight and jet-black locks framed a milky white complexion, a dramatic winged eye and dark-hued lips completed the picture. It was a look which was most striking, a look of contrast, of black and white, of theatrical proportions. Take cues from Mamma Addams; with a deep, plum or aubergine lipstick, exaggerated, black-winged liner, extravagant lashes, and ultra-straight, high-shine locks. Go on mum, take a walk on the dark side.

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Samantha Stephens – Bewitched

The Look: The Blonde Blow Wave, 60’s Winged Cat Eye and Nude Lip


A quintessential classic beauty, Samantha Stephens was every bit the magical mum (quite literally). While deemed a witch, her look was anything but witchey, with her chic and classy style. It was beauty synonymous with the 60's, with glamorous, mod accents. Eye makeup was testament to the decade, with a strong, winged cat’s eye her signature beauty look. Big lashes accompanied the black flick, lips were always painted in apricot, peach, rose and berry and cheeks were slightly flushed (perhaps from all the nose twitching). Blonde, bouffant and always backcombed, it sat in hair harmony, the perfect blow waved mane, curled and flicked with utter precision. Note: this look is not for the low-maintenance mama’s.  

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Jane Jetson – The Jetsons

The Look: Long Lashes, Bright Lip and White Teeth 


Whilst this mum is of the 2D variety, she is still one stylish and sexy mama. Jane Jetson was always perfectly preened (albeit with a little help from her cartoonist) - red bob a’ blazing, lengthy lashes and the pearliest of whites. The eternally glamorous mother of two had her signature beauty look down pat, and for good reason, she was onto a winner. Her fiery and flicked bob was offset with minimal eye makeup; simply long, black lashes. Mrs Jetson subscribed to the beauty mantra that either lip or eye be the focal point; teaming her lashes with a brightly, coloured lip to match her fashion-forward frocks (mostly shades of purple and pink). Such vivid colour was only made brighter by her impeccably, white smile. Jane Jetson was certainly the most glamorous mama in the Milky Way.


Peggy Bundy – Married with Children

The Look: Big Hair, Pop Lip and Defined Cheek 


Peggy has to be one for the most glam mama’s on our list; with a penchant for the bouffant, the bold lip and the blush. Whilst Peggy Bundy wasn’t exactly a role-model mother (she was married to Al after all), she maintained her hair, makeup and style with the utmost pride. A glamorous personification of the 80's; Peggy’s iconic look is one which can be tapered and toned down for the modern mum; remove the garish tones and pull it back a notch. Hair doesn’t have to be quite so high as the towering nest of Mrs B, however, take note of the volume; voluminous, big and bouncy locks are desired by many a mum. Cheeks were always contoured in shades of pink and orange, with blush keynote to her appearance, whilst her pout was always punchy and certainly popped. 

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Lorelai Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

The Look: Long Wavy Locks, Natural Lip and Earthy Eyes


More like a best friend or sister rather than mother to Rory, Lorelai Gilmore was one of television’s most loved mums. Perhaps a by-product of being a young mother, Lorelai was always the ‘cool’ mum; laid-back, hilarious and charming. Her beauty and style reminiscent of this, with a pared down, natural approach to beauty. Makeup was always earthy and neutral; eye shadows in warm browns and glossed lips in spicy tones of cinnamon, chai and star anise. Hair was casually glamorous; rich, chestnut curls which hung loose and long, and implied an I-just-rolled-out-bed vibe. Nothing fancy and elaborate here, but a cheeky smile is obligatory.

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Julie Cooper – The OC

The Look: Glam ‘Bangs’, Sexy Eyes and Californian Tan


Under the Californian sun, in between infinity pools and palms, we present Mrs Julie Cooper. Whilst the younger boys swooned and salivated over Mrs C, she maintained a beauty look in keeping with the glitz and glamour of Orange County. A golden tan, come-hither eyes and the faultless blow wave. The eyes most definitely did the talking; with smoky-lined sockets and larger-than-life lashes which would flutter amid male company. Skin looked to be dipped in pots of honey, an eternal glow that matched the weather. Julie’s trademark however, was the ‘bangs’; a fringe which was swept to the side to make way for seductive looks. It was blunt cut, forever glossy and perennially sexy. Make the Mrs Cooper look less gaudy and more luxe by pairing with sophisticated tailoring (in favour of plunging lycra dresses – eek!)

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Story by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis.