How To Work The Season's Best Fashion Trends With Beauty

Despite the mid-season sales emblazoned everywhere, wintery days and arctic nights remain for another two or so months (frostbitten sigh). So whilst the floral frocks and denim cut-offs begin to grace boutique windows and Internet browsers, winter fashion remains ever pertinent for those shaking in our boots down South.

beauticate by CAMILLA AKRANS

beauticate by CAMILLA AKRANS

It needn’t all be rain and hail though, winter fashion can be quite the chameleon, and beautiful at that. With romantic, sartorial imaginings translating from page to street, come to the fashion party with bells on (literally), as volume reigns supreme and the 70s rematerializes all its manifestations. We have plucked our favourite wintery trends and matched them with their beauty partner in crime, because a flawless face is fashion’s chicest accessory. 


With such a dreary backdrop, winter can prove most despondent. Add some flair into your life (and wardrobe) with – ta-da – the flare. The trend on everyone’s lips (or legs), the flared trouser is the pant to be parading in. Be a fashion maverick and go big, big, big, or play it safer, but still sublimely cool, with a more subtle, streamlined variation. Monochromatic or denim; pair the flare with a brick-toned red lip, the colour for winter. This brown-hued red suits every lip, so 70s aficionados jump for joy - your time is now. 

Expert Tip: Nicole ‘Pinky’ Thompson, MAC Makeup Artist

“Work from the inside out [with your lip liner]! Just like a colouring book – filling up the colour from the inside makes it 100% easier to do lips! When we do the line first, sometimes our hands get wobbly and the shape can be distorted. Start by colouring in lips quickly with your pencil, then rub your lips together to spread colour, you’ll find it so easy to create perfect edges.”



Give ‘I’m with the band’ eyes through rounded frames to passers looking on. Add model-off-duty vibes by adding a mirrored lens, or tap into the daisy-threading days of old with a faded transparency. Imparting a look that is simultaneously steely and nonchalant - you’re a rebel with a cause, and that cause is to look fabulous and fierce in equal measure. Partner your frames with backstage hair. The slicked do’ has evolved, with ‘baby hairs’ bent, rounded and slicked in every which way, and manifest in stringy sections, small tufts and simply dangling wet. Or slicked back wholly, deeply side parted and flicked over 90s style. Not for the fashion-faint-hearted, but bravery beckons.

Expert Tip: Anthony Nader, Hair Stylist - RAW Anthony Nader

“To get your hair strands wet and luxurious looking and not "drowned" looking there is a big difference. Even though you want wet strands, if you use your gel on wet hair it will make your hair look finer and your scalp can appear more see through. Try using your gel on dry hair and work your product through in one to two inch sections (to make it easier) then rake through with a wide toothed comb for even distribution.”



Be it a crisp, Edwardian-esque blouse care of Zimmermann, a woolly funnel-neck knit via Scanlan and Theodore or a more sexed-up, streamlined aesthetic a la Dion Lee for Target, necks are high and covered this season. Jumpers are chunky and wide around the neck, or slide sleekly into the room with shoulders peeking and facial features framed beautifully. Imbibed by the ‘contour’ phenomena, a subtle contour will suitably show off cheeks and bone structure, complimentary to the fashion at hand.

Expert Tip: Anne Salem, national makeup artist for Laura Mercier.

“The key to everyday contouring, is to be discrete, this can be achieved with the Flawless Contouring Palette because the creamy texture is so blendable. It's a palette that suits all skin tones as the colours are easy to mix. Remember when contouring, it's all about light and shade. The dark sets back, and absorbs the light, while the highlight brings forward and illuminates, and reflects light. Laura recommends using fingertips to warm and blend. For chiselled cheeks, use the darker colour in the hollow for contour, then illuminate above to reflect the light."



Theatrical dressing is the way du jour; now is the time to be a drama queen (when it comes to fashion that is). No one quite does epic proportions like Kym Ellery; Mademoiselle Ellery is the Queen of the bell on our sleeve and has been quite the visionary with others flocking to the trend. Team one of her beautiful bell-sleeved tops with a perfectly lined winged eye in noir for dramatic effect. For a less structured look, opt for a billowy, slightly more bohemian take, taking the trend from high-fashion boss-lady to 70’s flower child. Regardless, the show must go on, and what better way than with a perfectly executed winged-line for added va-va-voom.

Expert Tip: Ania Milczarczyk, Freelance Makeup Artist

“The thickness of your line depends on the pressure you apply. For a thick line, add a bit of pressure and to thin it out just be a little more light handed. If you want to make your eyes look longer, extend your flicks out horizontally If you want your eyes to look round, you can point the flick a little more upwards at the end. Play around with which shape of the liner is more flattering for your eye shape.”



Inject a little Pretty Woman into your winter wardrobe, with legs bound in thigh-high leather. Downplay the delinquent and loose the latex (and hooker vibes – eek!) by keeping to a classic silhouette, a rich suede offers a touch of polish and prestige. Offset the sex by pairing with a knee or calf skimming A-line skirt, with just a peep of boot and a lot left to the fashionable imagination, or team with an extra chunky knit for an even more modest take. Again retro rules in terms of beauty, match with autumnal-hued eyes in tobacco, putty, sage and sand, and boogie along to ‘I’m living in the 70s’.

backstage at burberry prorsum fall 2012

backstage at burberry prorsum fall 2012

Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition Beautiful Eye Shadow Quad IN GOLDEN OPULENCE (Available September 6)

Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition Beautiful Eye Shadow Quad IN GOLDEN OPULENCE (Available September 6)

Expert Tip: Rebecca Restrepo, Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist

“I created the colours in this palette to offer lid, liner and crease options as well as colours that can be worn alone or in any combination desired. I recommend a shimmering wash of the pink or gold all over the lid for an everyday look, or you can reinterpret the smoky eye with a more unexpected colour. For this I suggest using the gold to highlight the brow bone and the deep green in the crease.”



Bag a win with the bucket; the chicest way to cart around winter beauty busters. Scrunched or structured, a bucket-shaped bag is the satchel to be swinging this season. It transcends styles; from biker to bling-ed, bohemian to sporty, either presented simply but elegantly or adorned with tassels, fringing, zips and metallic hardware. Match your bucket with equally ‘cool girl’ brows – the brow has quite readily become the ‘it’ feature of the face, so full-fill your brows with a discerning eye and opt for a well-sculpted but thick arch. 

Expert Tip: Natalie Plain, BDB Founder 

“Use the Brow Buddy to start, arch and end your brows with ease. Tweeze anything that falls on or below the lines you have created. You can also use this outline as a guide to apply your brow makeup. Apply brow powder, pencil or gel inside the outline. Once you are happy with the look, blend the pencil guidelines into your brow using a brow brush or wipe it away.”



Nothing bellows winter quite like a felt fedora. Keep melons happy and warm (and suitably chic) with a fedora style or felt boater in pickled tones; think beetroot, gherkin, onion – or of course, black. Funk it up on top and pick one with all the toppings; hardware trimmings, bands, beads and ribbons. Whilst we're talking trimmings, lip gloss has made a rather unexpected beauty resurgence, from pouts to lids to cheeks, Autumn / Winter fashion shows were peppered with a high-shine slick of gleam. Fashion monkey see – fashion monkey do.  

Expert Tip: Tony Baumann, Mecca Head of Artistry

“We all know how badly lips can dry out during winter. If you’re going to rock a lip, it’s essential that your lips are moisturised in the days leading up, so they are not dry and flaky upon application. The Mecca Cosmetica Lip De Luscious Treatment is an intensely rich, night version of Mecca’s best-selling Lip de Luscious and Hourglass No 28 Lip Treatment Oil is a luxurious, powerful lip treatment, equipped with an opulent 24-karat gold-plated tip.”



Winter simply would not be feasible if it weren’t for ye old trusty coat. With the my-coat-doesn’t-have-any-sleeve-holes look still very much in vogue, drape a hearty coat or thicker trench over shoulders for a gold star in Chic 101. On days of greater glacial temperatures, sneak arms through coat holes (a foreign concept to many fashionistas, but the cold snap may well call for it) and either wear over-sized and doctor-like, or wrapped up with its loose belt tied nonchalantly (but cleverly) to one side. Avoid windy tendencies for fly-aways and tame the mane by simply tucking into your coat and texturizing the roots with a thickening spray or powder.

Expert Tip: Jacky Chan, Hair Stylist - Oscar Oscar Salons, St Kilda

"Windswept flat hair is nobody’s BFF! To preserve your style, simply spray Kérastase Matérialiste onto clean towel-dried hair from roots to ends, comb through, then blow-dry as desired. Remember that Matérialiste works by thickening each individual strand of hair, so make sure you dry hair off completely to ensure maximum, long-lasting volume and shine."


Story by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis. Layout by Amanda Chan.