How To Hydrate from your handbag

Winter has a few perks - crackling fires, hot cups of tea and all-day PJ wear among them – but along with the warmth and comfort there can also be dry and dehydrated skin from indoor heating, whipping winds and low immune systems. 

Beauticate loves Tim Walker for Mulberry spring 2013

Beauticate loves Tim Walker for Mulberry spring 2013

Winter beauty needs to be simple, accessible and effective – as it’s enough of a battle to get out of bed in the morning, let alone assemble a perfectly curated range of winter remedies. To make the process effortlessly possible, enter our guide on how to hydrate from your handbag. 

1. For a polished pout –  Nūdus Certified Organic Lipstick

Weather changes have a dramatic impact on the health of your lips. In winter they can become dry, chapped and tired, in dire need of nourishment. Nūdus is a unique handcrafted range of Certified Organic lipsticks pigmented with ancient ayuvedic bioactive colour extracts. When applied, vitamins, antioxidants, cold-pressed fruit oils and active natural ingredients help fight off environmental stressors at their worst on chilly days. Opt for a nurturing lipstick in winter to help soften and bring lips back to life.


2. For hydrated hands – L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Hand Cream 

Your hands bear the brunt in winter from dramatic temperature changes and constant hand washing to avoid catching the latest cold or flu. In a means to look after the body more, you can quite often remove essential oils from the skin. To offset this dehydration, cracking and peeling– team a nourishing hand cream with a trusty pair of gloves. L’OCCITANE’S Shea Butter Hand Cream is a creamy concoction with almond extract and coconut oil that penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to protect and moisturise. Gloves don’t only look luxe from the outside, but they also trap moisture onto the skin, allowing products to actively sink in for optimum hydration. 


3. For an even skintone – La Mer Reparative Skin Tint SPF 30

The limited real estate of your handbag means products need to work extra hard to justify space in there. This is where the three in one sunscreen, moisturiser and skin tint comes in. When it comes to tinted SPF moisturisers, it’s worth hunting down the most hydrating on the block. La Mer is known for their super hydrating formulas and this refreshing cream packs a triple punch: evening tone, smoothing and healing parched skin all while giving a dewy, luminous and hydrated finish. The addition of an SPF 30 gets our tick of approval. 


4. For coloured cheeks – RMS Beauty lip2cheek

Complexions can feel dull and lifeless in winter and the fastest cosmetic bounce-back has got to be adding a little colour to your lips and cheeks. Another Certified Organic favourite, RMS lip2cheek hydrates and protects while offering a natural flushed glow on the cheeks and a beautiful stain on the lips. Formulated with coconut oil, cocoa seed butter and rosemary extract, this winter makeup is solid (from the coconut oil) and melts on contact with fingertips. Simply swirl your digits in and tap the creamy pigment onto your pout and the apples of your cheeks.


5. For a toned t-zone – KORA Organics Balancing Rose Facial Mist

Facial mists are a ‘glass of water’ for thirsty skins. Our chilly-weather pick? Kora’s delicious antioxidant-pumped elixir. The lightweight spray slips easily into your tote and helps balance out dry winter skin with a mix of hydrating heroes including Certified Organic rose, noni, aloe and hibiscus. A quick mid-afternoon spritz is the ultimate pick-me-up not just for your spirit and your skin – but to freshen your makeup, too. 


6. For luscious lips - Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment

A weekend on the slopes or a night in with the heater can leave your lips cracked and flaky. Team that with a dry nose from tissue dependence and your face is screaming for a little TLC. Dermalogica’s Climate Control was initially formulated to be a protective skin stick when it launched in the nineties was later repackaged as a lip balm for ease of use and portability.  The oil and wax-based balm is perfect for applying a protective layer to dry or irritated skin, allowing healing to take place and moisture to return. It contains an Anti-Ozonate Complex to helps protect the skin from environmental aggressors, while Vitamin E, Oat Extract and Bisabolol help boost the lip’s natural defense system. Perfect for chapped lips and red raw noses. 


7. For serious rehydration– Rationale Biolipid Balm

To really deal with the elements you need a super strength moisturiser with protective properties. And while you wouldn’t think a heavy-duty moisturiser’s weight could be justified in a day-to-day handbag, but Rationale’s Biolipid Balm sits in a tiny jar for easy access when thirsty skin calls. Just the ticket for those miscellaneous flaky patches that frequently pop up in winter, super freezing/windy days or post-procedure this intensive balm is a dynamic remedy for dry skin. The BioLipid Complex forms a protective, breathable coat to hold in hydration and promote skin healing and is the ultimate portable little pot for on-the-go healing and rehydrating. 


Story by Ally McManus