Mother's Day Treats for every Mama

Mum’s the word. Our mothers render the most comforting of memories; from packing our school lunches to giving us often much needed sartorial advice. Their unconditional love and support – even through the most anarchic of mother-daughter conflict – is infinite.

Image: Instagram @angelcandices

Image: Instagram @angelcandices

We have compiled a comprehensive gift guide for the myriad of mama’s out there; from the bendy, stretchy variety who don lycra for lattes to the preened, primped and always perfectly turned out (Mrs. Beckham we’re looking at you), we’ve got a bounty of mum-worthy beauty ready to be unwrapped this Mother’s Day.

Chic Mama 

Artful, modish and forever chic, this mother is meticulous in her presentation. Wooed by artisanal delights and one-off eccentricities; there is a theatricality of sorts, however it is statement without being overstated. She is a clever curator of all things chic, sourcing not the most exorbitant, but simply the most original. Monochromatic is the palette du jour; punctured with peeps of gold and slithers of colour. No chic mother would be without a suitably aromatic abode; a Fornasetti candle will do just the trick (or wick), cheese is served on this Madras Link Marble, skincare should be suitably stylish and a well-squeezed tube of Aesop is but a necessity in her bathroom. Mum is a dedicated perfectionist, with her own formidable finesse. 


Cool Mama

This is one sartorially savvy mama; cut from an only cool cloth, this mum has an innate proclivity for the hip and trendy (without looking like she’s trying). Shunning age (if needs be) and injecting a wholly fun and youthful verve into all that she does; she is a risk-taker who lauds the young, fresh crop of designers in favour of long-standing luxury. Slices of lemon zest, licks of lolly pink and splashes of cyan punctuate a canvas of white and wheaten. A fashionable imagining of cult beauty brands and kitsch designers, Malin + Goetz, Ren, Maison D’Amore, Karen Walker and Olympia Le-Tan lead the charge. Only the hip should take heed.


Classic Mama 

A classic, wholly feminine take on motherhood; rose is rife, preppy-collars are aplenty and beautifully luxe, whipped crème for face and body is obligatory. Pink is the pick of the bunch (both florally and palette wise), whilst hands are suitably smooth, lips luscious and a romantic fragrance forever fills her abode. A floral eruption is but a necessity, be it in home, skincare or fragrance; favour French favourites like Maison Francis, By Terry and Maison Balzac. Classicism never goes out of style, and this mère is testament to that.


Polished Mama

This mother is perennially preened to utter perfection; a well-oiled machine, this mama marvels at only the good things in life. By melding opulence with just the right dash of panache, she plays with inky undertones, gilded with golden accents and pearlescent delights. A lover of life in the luxe lane, it is about dapper designs en masse, with favourites like Jo Malone parfum, Tom Ford soap, Ella Bache crème and Kerastase pour le mane, atop her wish list. Luxury is limitless for this mother dear.


Sporty Mama

If your mama is of the bend and stretch variety, then look no further than this sweaty (but super chic) swag of sporty goodness. Channel athleticism with a painterly splash; think on-trend bohemian yoga mats, Lululemon lycra laden with clouds of colour and panels of print, whilst kicks can be uber cool budding floral insignias. She takes conclusive sporty style cues but also heeds to a holistic approach for her insides; The Beauty Chef’s tonics will keep her gleaming while Pana Chocolate’s rich, raw Mother’s Day treats will keep her sweet tooth in (healthy) check. To the damsels of downward dog, we raise our Kombucha to you.


Low-Maintenance Mama 

It is all about unfussy grooming for this mama; exuding a nonchalant yet faultless presentation with undefinable ease. She doesn’t subscribe to any beauty diktats; rather chooses her own unruffled, yet still wonderfully natural beauty dialogue. A lady who loves the local brands; she can mist away during the day with Modelco’s Rose Mist, smother in Jurlique and lather up with Milk & Co., yet isn't afraid to dabble in Laura Mercier and Hourglass’ shimmery delights when the night calls. She is all things lovely and fuss-free; insouciant beauty at its very best.


Rock-star Mama 

You don't need a rocker husband (although that does help) to ooze the spunk and pizzazz of this kind of mum. Embodying all that is individual, she very much dictates her own rhythm (and melody, and lyrics, and tune). Black, chrome and red will be the artistic backwater, with beauty brave and style resolute. With bold hits and glorious idiosyncrasy, this mama is all wham bam thank you ma'am. Think a heady fragrance like Byredo, red-wine lips a la Chantecaille and skin that smolders given by Glam Glow. Draped in bold-printed Givenchy or McQueen scarves, sunglasses too should be fierce and directional; the musings of a true rock-inspired mum.


Beachy Mama

The mama sans le stress, with salty locks, a sun-smooched radiance and the rolling surf behind her. Awash in aquamarine, cornflower, tangerine and pineapple; she exudes all things sea and sand. Naturally La Mer is a staple, as is a salt-spray for scrunched up tresses, while her seaside dwelling is decked in Byron Bay local artist Jai Vasicek and Melbourne’s print maestro Bonnie and Neil.  A mama who likes it hot; but also likes to dive right in. 

Story and Edit by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis. Layout by Chrisanthi Kalivitiotis and Amanda Chan


What kind of mum is your mum?
What is your ultimate Mother's Day gift?