Review: The Special Event Facial Brides Are Lining Up For

On the scale of important life events, a wedding rates the highest in the ‘must have good skin’ stakes. Between flawless make-up application, photographs to last a lifetime and lots of up-close congratulations from friends and relatives, a porcelain complexion is high on most brides’ must-have lists. 

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As with many before her, Beauticater and bride-to-be Amy Mattes-Harris found herself deep in pre-wedding prep mode - flawless skin topping her bridal beauty wish list. Struggling with dehydration and the uneven skintone and texture teenage acne and hormonal breakouts caused, Amy longed for a smoother, more radiant complexion for the big day. With these goals in mind, she booked in to try Skinceuticals’ New York Facial at Assure Cosmetic Centre, to see if its results match its promise to brighten a dull complexion and boost collagen production. 

'My treatment begins with a detailed consultation with dermal therapist Anna Robinson, who talks me through my skin goals and explains how the facial will help me achieve them.

combining a luxury spa experience, with serious results

combining a luxury spa experience, with serious results

"The fantastic thing about the New York Facial is that it addresses multiple concerns at one time and leaves really lasting results through a combination of microdermabrasion, a peel, mask and LED light therapy," Anna says. "We highly recommend this treatment for clients who are preparing for a big event such as a wedding – the results are immediately noticeable and should continue to improve for two to three weeks after treatment."

Anna explains that the microdermabrasion will provide a deep and thorough exfoliation and help to smooth rough skin texture, allowing the SkinCeuticals peel that follows to achieve optimum results that include improved radiance, clarity and hydration. To finish, she explains that application of a mask and time under the LED light will leave my skin plumped and glowing.

My treatment begins with a thorough cleanse and skin analysis that confirms my self-diagnosis of dehydration and congestion. The microdermabrasion that follows feels effective without being rough or painful and my skin immediately feels lighter. Anna then applies a salicylic acid peel, chosen because of the natural acid’s capacity to gently clear clogged pores and slough away any residual dead cells that would otherwise cause the skin to look dull and lifeless. After the combination of the two, my skin feels as though it has been through a personal training session of sorts. When I look in the hand mirror Anna offers me I am pleasantly surprised to see a fresh, glowing face smiling back at me, without any traces of redness or irritation.

A hydrating mask is then applied to my face. The skin is perfectly prepped to soak up the mask’s goodness following the microdermabrasion and peel. Anna administers a beautifully firm facial massage to maximise the mask’s penetration into the skin, and the cool product feels beautifully refreshing.


a plethora of hard-working products for the ultimate complexion overhaul

a plethora of hard-working products for the ultimate complexion overhaul

After placing dampened cotton rounds and protective shields over my eyes, Anna wheels over the LED light machine and gently slides it over my face. The light is intensely bright to begin with, but my eyes quickly adjust and soon the warm sensation of the LED bulbs and the gentle hum of the machine have lulled me into a sense of comfortable sleepiness. Anna leaves me to rest under the light for 20 minutes or so and when I hear her return to the treatment room I realise I have been napping.

My treatment complete, Anna talks me through some at-home aftercare recommendations before sending me back out into the world with skin that looks and feels significantly fresher than two hours before – truly visible, immediate results.

But the true magic of my New York Facial experience becomes evident in the coming weeks when, as promised by Anna, my skin continues to improve. Despite work and life’s busy schedules and the added stress of last-minute wedding preparations, my skin looks radiant and full of life. The congestion and breakouts I had been bracing for never eventuate and multiple people ask me what I have done to achieve such beautiful results. My skincare products absorb better and seem to be more effective. When I apply make-up, it glides onto the skin beautifully and lasts longer than before. For this bride-to-be, every item on the skin treatment ‘must-do’ list has been ticked, and the results are truly delightful.'

The SkinCeuticals New York Facial is available at selected medi-spas around Australia. To learn more visit