Seven Of The Best Water And Rain Proof Makeup Products

March is a month of meteorological contrasts. While freakish hot days still send us bolting to the beach, on others, we find ourselves dodging a deluge of rain storms - which are perfect for turning a flawlessly-applied face into a Racoon-fest in seconds. Adding some waterproof makeup to our routine is suddenly more sensible than ever. We tested some cult splash proof product ourselves and also grilled Australian Olympic synchronised swimmer Danielle Kettlewell for her best pool-worthy  finds. Here are our top picks.

 Sigourney testing waterproof products in ibiza; photo by ana lui

Sigourney testing waterproof products in ibiza; photo by ana lui


Splash proof lashes

Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara is perfect for a fresh-faced, natural look. The applicator glides smoothly on lashes, is never clumpy, giving a fullness minus the dreaded clods on your lashes. And it stayed put, smudge-free, all day. This is the perfect mascara for a day that involves sweating, swimming, rainstorms or all of the above.


Literally, a full explosion of volume

Another product that has passed the underwater test is Smashbox Full Explosion Waterproof Mascara  - but this is for an even more amped up flutter. It gives notably fuller-looking lashes with wow-level volume. And could totally take you from the beach to the bar and back again. 


We've got sunshine on a rainy day

A powder bronzer that will stay put underwater? We were skeptics, too. But, according to Danielle, Make Up Forever is one of the top waterproof-brands and the Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer is one of their key-players. When choosing a shade of bronzer, look for a shade that would match the colour of your real tan (if you can remember what that looks like!) If your skin tans in an olive tone, then look for a tawny shade, if  you have fair skin, then look for a bronzer with rosy undertones.


A cat eye with nine lives

There are few things more devastating than labouring over a cat's eye only to have it running down your face thanks to the elements (or a particularly teary movie). Danielle describes Kiko Cosmetics Definition Waterproof Eyeliner as "magical" - which is all we needed to hear.


Unlimited sips and snacking

Long-last lip colours can be a minefield, but Danielle confirms that Maybelline Super Stay 24 is "amazing and will stay on far beyond your expectations,".  The two-step applicator allows you to first apply a rich base of colour, and then seal in your colour with a protective top coat. Although not marketed as a waterproof product, this lipstick is one of the best resistance-wise and gives gorgeous colour.


A true classic- gone waterproof 

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara is the waterproof version  has a cult status all on it's own, and for good reason. It gives the perfect balance of coverage, length and truly lasts (without feeling heavy or clumpy). And the best bit is the lash still has some movement, which is uncommon for waterproof mascaras. We love that it's also really affordable.


And To Take It All Off...

There are tons of great make-up removers on the market, but for removing waterproof make-up, you’re going to need a heavy duty product. Generally, oil based cleansers do the trick when removing waterproof make up. The oil helps break down the make up easily, so you can skip tirelessly scrubbing your face. We love Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils, which we can always count on to successfully remove make-up while gently cleansing. Danielle's favourite is a dab of good old coconut oil. To see the best ways to cleanse with coconut oil, click here


Story by Samantha Blanchfield