Six Products That Actually Changed Your Life

As we bypass the mid-year, we hit the reset button on good intentions we started back in January that wained as the months passed. Of course, this includes our beauty cabinets. Rethink tired skincare routines and retire manky half-used hair products and broken, expired makeup for good. In their place, resign to install only the best of the beauty beauty saviours. 

Image: Instagram @cocorocha

Image: Instagram @cocorocha

We asked you, our dear readers, to nominate the one product that had changed your life, and to tell us why. Here’s what you said - shopping lists at the ready…

A self-confessed workaholic and Beauticate reader stumbled across this miraculous product at Mecca Cosmetica. Delivering exactly what it promises (with a name like This Works - go figure), the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has become the piece de resistance product that sends her off to LaLa Land all thanks to a blend of lavender and vetivert. “You better work, I thought in my head. I’m not sure how quickly my eyes closed, but I can’t recall thinking about what work I had to do in the morning. While this is not a sedative, it’s a natural way to calm your mind and relax you. A bedtime staple. Here’s to never missing the sleep boat again,” she adds. We’ll second that. 


Deemed her ‘magic potion in a bottle’, Kristie Hollingdale believes the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is the ultimate secret to healthy skin. With a combination of essential oils and Omega 3 fatty acids making up the indulgent yet lightweight formula, skin will be in prime repair and restore mode come sleep time. “When you wake up your skin feels more radiant, and any spots or blemishes you may have had will have either be gone, or will have been brought up to the surface,” says Kristie. “I use this Concentrate after cleansing and toning. I then apply my night time moisturiser.” 


As beauty aficionados we’ve been told mascara is the ultimate product for lustrously open eyes, however a good eyeliner is even more vital. What sets the Nars eyeliner apart from the neglected, smooshed one (that probably really needs a sharpen) in your beauty bag? “This liner gives creamy, intense colour that really does last all day. There are a plethora of shades to suit every eye colour and beauty whim,” says Nellie McWaters. “And if you’re wanting to smoke it up for evening, it can be layered and smudged to smouldering effect, never losing its long-wearing ability.” And with that, we’ll be taking a little trip to Mecca.


If you’re feeling the monotony in your cleansing routine, shake things up with this opulent cleanser that is nothing short of a game-changer. Bianca Chaptini promises you’ll be leaving the house without any coverage on to shamelessly flaunt a ridiculously even skin tone - and we would have to agree with her. Described as a cold pressed green juice for your skin, there’s a reason it’s loved by the French for it’s abundance of essential oils, anti-microbial and circulation boosting properties. “I haven’t always been this lucky in the skin department. When I moved from dry Adelaide to humid Sydney, my skin went CRAY. I started developing awful cystic acne, the worst!” says Bianca. “I credit my new and improved skin to this holy-grail, go-to, must-have, the ultimate, call it what you will, this gorgeous smelling gem is your new BFF.” We always love a happy ending.


In the market for a new makeup base come the descent of prime time summer? Look no further than this lightweight primer by Guerlain. Delivering the perfect dewy finish, this clear gel formula is perfect used as an all day base resulting in that too-good-to-be-true natural-finish. “The formula is paraben-free and contains specially hand-shaped spherical pearls only produced by Guerlain; the illuminating perfection is something that can not be duplicated,” says reader Jennah Porter. Better yet, the magical elixir make up doubles up as skin care - come on over flawless complexion, we really can’t wait to meet you! “In fact these meteorites are so good at doing their job that post-application my skin is looking practically adolescent and glows with the look of a post-Summer sojourn somewhere distinctly tropical.” Consider us sold.


The skin-glorifying benefits of rosehip oil have been well documented, so we weren’t surprised to see this little baby pop up in our inbox. Catherine Wetherall says she’s used various oils on her skin with great success, but loves the fact that A'kin's contains only one ingredient...rosehip oil. No fillers, no silicones, no dimethicones, no water and no mineral oils – plus it's certified organic. She also draws our attention to the purse-friendliness of it’s $16 price point. “A little bit goes a really long way - the small bottle would last three months easily which makes having nice skin actually affordable for anyone.” She says it’s more effective than any of the serum she’s tried, and the fact that it's pure and natural with and contains no ingredients that would take a cosmetic chemist’s degree to decipher gives her major peace of mind. Us too. 


Story by Claudia De Berardinis