Summer's Best Beauty Tips from Girls in the Know

With an abundance of summer soirees, brunches and holiday festivities filling the calendar, there’s s serious shortage on preen-time (when it’s kind of needed most). We’re crazy for a beauty short cut that leaves us with all the more minutes to spend with friends and family. 

 beauticate loves...cheyenne tozzi by titus pengelly

beauticate loves...cheyenne tozzi by titus pengelly

So we’ve rounded-up a few of the best time saving tips from our Beauticate subjects to help you through the summer season while still looking oh so fabulous. 

Skip the shampoo. Often.

One half of the design duo Bec & Bridge, Bridget Yorsten says the key to great hair is washing it less. “I have found that washing it less often and then utilising copious amounts of dry shampoo in between washes, is definitely the way to go. I like Klorane. A bit of product build up seems to give it texture and volume, which is what I need.” Other diehard fans of dry shampoo include Elle Ferguson who favours Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray to hold her blonde waves, Sam Harris (who loves Batiste) and Kym Ellery (Toni and Guy is her pick of the bunch). 


Coconut oil does it all

We’ve said it before, but coconut oil really is amazing. Miranda Kerr puts it in her hair, Lindy Klim drinks it and used it on her kids’ nappy rash, fashion blogger Margaret Zhang takes makeup off with it and swimwear designer Nicole Banning uses it as a mouthwash. Jess Mauboy and Cheyenne Tozzi swear by it as a moisturiser, too. This miracle superfood has no end of uses. And it smells like Fiji. It will save you a bundle of time that would be otherwise spent poking around the bathroom vanity searching for products. 


Keep it simple with salt water and aloe vera

Model and musician Cheyenne Tozzi swears by a dip in the ocean for a blemish-free complexion. “In Australia I think you’re really lucky to have that outdoor kind of thing so you jump in the ocean if your skin’s bad.” It tones the skin, and gives you beachy waves in the time it takes to stick your head under water- not to mention has the power to shake off any cobwebs from last night’s shenanigans. If you’re feeling a little dried out aftewards, Cheyenne loves Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant- she swears it cures a multitude of skin woes. 


Do fake lashes like a pro

Fake strip lashes are as glamorous as they are fickle. Getting them on can be a long and often tantrum inducing process. When we spoke the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whitely (who happens to be the face of ModelCo) she spilled her foolproof method for application. The trick, she says, is to apply glue to the back of your hand, wait 30 seconds (until it’s tacky) and then to put a mirror onto a table and look down into it. Pick up the strip lash with tweezers, place them along the top of your lashline while looking down into the mirror. The angle of your eye will be perfect to both see your lashline and place it without needing to hold your eye shut. Squeeze each corner gently with your tweezers. 


The trick to tanning your face 

  lara b ingle

lara bingle

It was none other than the perma-golden Lara Bingle who spilled her secret for the perfect facial fake tan. Ice cubes! Use them to close the pores on hot days, or of you have just showered and need to tan in a hurry. The cold will shrink them so to avoid the telltale spotty look when your tan settles. 


Party eyes in less than two minutes. 

MTV host and model Kate Peck has an easy eyeliner trick perfect for when you’re in a hurry and need to be out the door and at the party in less time than it takes to even think about liquid. Simply place a soft eyeliner pencil (Kate uses MAC Cosmetics in Smolder) on the inside rim of your eyes on one side, close your eye around the pencil and draw back and forth gently. Insta-liner! Sigourney’s also done a video on it here


Story by Emily Algar