Supermarket Buys It Girls Swear By

Hands up who’s broke after Christmas? While we love to browse the shelves of Mecca and go click-happy on Net-a-Porter as much as the next person, who doesn’t love a bargain? In our years of interviewing celebrities, we have learnt that some of the most efficacious products are found in the humble supermarket aisle. Trolleys at the ready.

beauticate by miles aldridge

beauticate by miles aldridge

Bianca Cheah’s cheap as chips sunscreen

The stunning founder of luxe health and fitness site, SporteluxeBianca Cheah has a knack for making exercise look uber glamorous, with rarely a hair out of place. Since she spends so much time outside, she's no stranger to wearing SPF to protect her skin. When we peeked into her beauty cupboard- we were delighted to see Neutrogena Beach Defense Spray. The aerosol is quick and easy to apply, while its oil free formulation ensure it won’t clog your pores. 


Natasha Oakley’s bar of soap

A Bikini A Day's blogger Tash Oakley is the ultimate beach babe - with bronzed limbs, the perfect tousled flaxen mane and glowing skin. Rather than relying on a complex cleansing range, Tash told us she keeps her face flawless with none other than Dove Beauty Bar. "I’ve always used it. Old school, but it always works for me and if I don’t I always break out, so I just stick to what I know."


Jessica Mauboy’s Budget Body Cream

Having worked with the top makeup artists in the country, Jess is privy to the best brands and cult finds, and one of her  all-time favourite body creams is Nivea Rich Moisturising Cream. “Oh my gosh, it’s my favourite!” She’s not alone - one of Beauticate's go-to makeup artist's Filomena Natoli loves it too as it leaves a dewy sheen on the skin while hydrating really well. 


Samantha Harris’ Clean Skin Cleanser

Australian model Samantha Harris is also lucky enough to work with the best hair and makeup teams in Australia, yet, like many girls in the know (such as makeup artist Rae Morris and actor Ruby Rose), she swears by Cetaphil Cleanser to remove her makeup at the end of the day. The fragrance-free formulation is non-irritating and suits more sensitive skin types.


Sally Obermeder’s Favourite Hairspray 

As a TV host for Channel 7 Mornings and more, Sally has done her time in the makeup chair, we more than trust her when she espouses the many benefits of L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray. A cult product, this spray is as light as spun sugar, and just as sticky. But unlike sugar, it brushes out beautifully. It also smells suspiciously like Chanel No. 5.


Story by Emily Algar