The Best Tinted Moisturisers – Reader Review

We’ve all been there: a five second window to do your makeup after sleeping through your alarm. Enter: Tinted moisuturiser, but not as you know them. Far from the watery formulations of the past, the dual-action face bases have a new gen of super hybrids, offering greater coverage and skin nourishment than ever before. With the added extras of shade variety and sun protection, Beauticater Ly Nguyen decided to test the latest tinted moisturisers and curate a list of her favourites. 

Beauticate Loves this image by Kanjii Ishii

Beauticate Loves this image by Kanjii Ishii

“Think about how you want your tinted moisturiser to perform and the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser is the answer. It’s a fuss free, no strings attached, no-fluff kind of product. Enough coverage to satisfy my good skin days and a range of 11 shades to match all different skin tones. I can honestly say it ticks all the boxes. It adds glow, moisture and a hint of coverage delivered in a sheer, semi matte/dewy finish that is comfortable to wear on the skin.”


“Described as an instant skin-tone perfector, Philosophy’s No Reason To Hide gives me exactly that. The creamy texture is an easy to blend formula that melts right into my skin to give a beautifully smooth and even complexion. With the ability to layer and build, this product is now my go-to on weekends. Containing ingredients such as salicylic acid to clear blocked pores, glycerin for hydration, licorice extracts for calming and brightening and an added SPF 20, this product is an all-rounder for optimal skin health.” 


“This is packed with an array of anti-oxidants to fight free radicals (nasties that cause cell damage) as well as SPF 15 UVA and UVB sunscreen to safeguard the skin from Australia’s harsh rays, even in the winter. This weightless moisturiser transforms into an ultra sheer tint to give the skin a radiant sun-kissed wash of colour. It worked perfectly under my make up and on its own, giving me a glowing faux tan to counter the cold weather fairness.”


“The most noticeable thing about this tinted moisturiser is that it’s very refreshing and super hydrating on my skin. As a dry skin sufferer, the unique formulation is an amazingly lightweight gel-cream - which means it gives my skin a moisture injection without the weight of a thick emollient cream.  Infused with marine botanicals and mineral electrolytes to hydrate and energize the skin, it left my skin looking plump and luminous.“  


“With all the benefits of a premium ingredients list, this product has a slightly thicker texture and pigmented finish that leaves my skin looking more polished than usual. It’s almost completely undetectable when blended into the skin - it’s my skin but better. What really intrigued me was the ‘anti-smog’ factor. Boasting sun protection, anti-irritants, anti-oxidants and anti-pollution botanical extracts including honeysuckle and green tea, this powerhouse calms, strengthens and guards my skin from the everyday environmental elements.”


“This all-in-one wonder is my go-to when I’m short for time and a full skincare and make up routine just isn’t going to happen. Equal parts skincare and make up, it puts the ones from the ‘90s to shame. It contains sodium hyaluronate that acts as a magnet for moisture, jojoba oil to condition and strengthen the moisture barrier of the skin and added SPF 15 to offer a broad-spectrum protection. Not to mention the extraordinary coverage and longevity; with a light dusting of powder here and there, it got me from the AM to the PM.” 

Review by Lyn Nguyen