The Best Vitamin C Serums – Reader Review

Vitamin C has long been touted for its amazing antioxidant properties and superhero strength in fighting free radicals, for good reason. The vitamin is an all-round good guy in skincare and can offer a myriad of benefits. From aiding in the production of anti-ageing collagen, keeping skin plump and smooth, to inhibiting melanin production (ridding skin of pigmentation) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (reddish-brown spots). So, it wasn’t a hard sell to get Beauticater Harvin Paul to test out and curate a list of the best serums infused with the super ingredient. Let’s get glowing. 

beauticate loves this image by Paola Kudacki

beauticate loves this image by Paola Kudacki

The Hard working Serum

Société Triple C

“The multi-tasker is a gel consistency that absorbs instantly. My skin looks and feels satin smooth after every application and it layers perfectly with my moisturiser and sunscreen. My tiny brown spots and marks from breakouts past are less noticeable, much to my delight. Perfect for a five minute face, this hardworking serum has an impressive ingredient list, including three unique forms of vitamin C, apple stem cells and peptides; negating the need to use any other serum with it. Easy to use pump bottle saves time for the girl-on-the-go.”


“My first impression is the distinct scent that is almost medicinal. The little bottle of yellow gold serum is packed with vitamin C and resveratrol – another magic ingredient that increases skin’s resistance to stress - amongst other powerful ingredients like L - sodium hyaluronate. The product spreads easily on my skin and I find the scent grows on me the more youthful-looking I feel…”


“This product comes as a fine powder formulation to ensure stability of the vitamin C. The process makes me think it’s going to be difficult to manage, but it’s a breeze. I add a few shakes of the white powder to my palm, mixing it with my everyday serum before I apply to my skin. You could also dissolve it in your moisturizer; however as it’s pure ascorbic acid, there’s more benefit to mixing it with a serum. It’s gentle enough for me to use twice a day, so I opt for morning and at night before bed. In the mornings, I notice my skin is smooth and glowing. Win.”


The Gentle Touch

Monoderma C10

“My first reaction is that it looks a bit like a birth control pill dispenser… But the twist top capsules instead house a lovely milky formulation. I’m also struck by how easy it is to carry around – it’s ideal to throw in your gym bag or carry-on without exceeding the 100mL limit, or worrying about serum bottle leakage.  This is the gentlest of all the products, likely due to the lack of preservatives and fragrances – a perfect starter for those with very sensitive skin like myself. I am able to build up to two ‘doses’ per day (one for the face, one for the neck) with no irritation. For the environmentally conscious, sleep easy knowing that the Monoderma capsule is completely biodegradable – no dolphins will be harmed in the disposal of this product.” 


“The super-light, colourless liquid is made to be mixed in with your serum or moisturiser, and I opt for serum. This is a dream product – it makes my serum glide across my skin without leaving an oily residue. I use it under my eyes as per recommendation because who doesn’t need a bit of brightening there? While testing the product, my mother-in-law comments of my complexion telling me I’m ‘shining like a light bulb’.  I’ll take that compliment, thank you mum.“


The Big Gun Product

Aspect Extreme C 20

“In short, I love using this product – my skin is noticeably smoother within just three days and I have a glow like I had been drinking green smoothies for a month. Packed not only with 20% vitamin C but peptides, corrective botanicals and skin energising extracts, it’s game-changing secret ingredient is the lactic acid that acts as an exfoliant. This addition improves the penetration of the antioxidants.Fragrance free for us sensitive skin ladies and gents, despite the concentrated vitamin C, I have no skin irritation.” 


“The slightly gritty texture is a little more difficult to spread, which means I need to use a bit more product than advised to cover my face and neck. Initially there is a bit of irritation, so I cut back to applying every other day and focus on areas that I needed it more. It’s a hardworking product with 20 per cent vitamin C and vitamin E. It does work, but for my sensitive skin, it’s not an ideal addition to my beauty repertoire.”







Note: We recommend using your vitamin C serum of choice in the morning as it can boost your skin’s defense against UV light and free radicals. 

Review by Harvin Paul