The Right Way to do Bathleisure

We love this new Instagram-inspired trend that will make your after-shower ritual feel extra fabulous. Although you may not want to leave the house in your terry cloth towel, there’s no harm in playing a little dress up. Especially if it’s for your next ‘gram. 


First of all, what is "bathleisure"? The term seems to spring from a British Vogue edition that featured the ever-iconic Rihanna sporting a terry cloth towel around her head on the cover. Meanwhile, the rest of her outfit was as high-fashion as could be. Instagram picked it up quickly, and the recipe seems to go something like this:


1. Wrap a terry cloth towel around your head (we love these)


2. Don either a bathrobe or an oversized men’s shirt


3. Accessorize to the nines, with sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets


4. Swipe on a highlighter, mascara, and lip gloss


5. Optional: grab your favorite mug and have a sip of tea 


Get the camera angle just right and shoot your next post! Here are some of our favourites: 

Instagram: @cheraleelyle

Instagram: @cheraleelyle

Instagram: @songofstyle

Instagram: @songofstyle

Instagram: @wendyslookbook

Instagram: @wendyslookbook


Story by: Zoe Brown