Top Innovations at the Spa and Beauty Expo

The Spa and Beauty Expo is a beauty fanatic’s fantasy. In the huge exhibition centre at Sydney’s Glebe Island, where the event was held this year, exhibitors and industry professionals and all gathered under the huge domed roof to swap tips and techniques and celebrate the newest beauty advancements. The space, that was flooded with natural light, was perfect for makeup parades like the Face2Face Makeup Awards, for which Beauticate founder and editor Sigourney Cantelo was a judge. Among the promo models and fake tan booths, the Beauticate team were also on the ground sussing out the latest and greatest potions, gadgets and gizmos. Here, our five innovations to watch from the expo.

 Beauticate loves: Vogue Russia Editorial

 Beauticate loves: Vogue Russia Editorial

Tea Stick Infuser by Neo Australia

PERFECT FOR: Tea Loving Health Nuts

Herbal teas have long been a staple for health loving beauty girls, as a way to sip your way to glowing skin.  Unfortunately, the loose-leaf blends make way for messy teatime, which can deter you from your afternoon brew. The team at Neo Australia has solved your tea-woes with the Tea Stick Infuser. This nifty invention scoops up the perfect amount of tea, and allows you to swirl in hot water to the strength you like. Or, add extra tea and pop in a teapot for multiple serves. Use it with Neo’s signature tea blends designed to cure all ailments such as poor complexion, dull eyes, or even poor memory. 

Tea Stick Infuser by Neo Australia

Tea Stick Infuser by Neo Australia

Konjac Sponge with Clay or Charcoal Infusions By Eco Sponge

PERFECT FOR: Sensitive Skins Who Love To Scrub

Eczema, psoriasis, sensitive spots, dry skin, inflammation: all these painful skin problems usually have sufferers running away from exfoliation out of fear of aggravating symptoms. Enter the Konjac Sponge: a natural, gentle way to exfoliate skin and infuse sensitive and inflamed areas with healing properties, such as charcoal and pink clay. Removing impurities and killing bad bacteria under the skins surface without abrasive scrubbing; this natural konjac root vegetable fibre is alkalizing, cruelty free and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin concerns. 

Lemongrass and Grapefruit Knees & Elbows Treatment Balm by Spa Ceylon


With vitamin rich virgin coconut, soothing aloe vera, softening almond, calming lemongrass and enriching grapefruit, this treatment balm has been designed specifically for rough spots: our knees and elbows. We all know that moisturising is key before applying tan to ensure an even application, and most importantly moisturising the coarse skin spots: our knees, elbows, ankles. This treatment is perfect for ensuring that these trouble spots are smoothed out, and leave you with hydrated skin and an even tan. It can also be added to baths to infuse the skin with its healing and hydrating properties. 

Knees and Elbows Treatment Balm by Spa Ceylon

Knees and Elbows Treatment Balm by Spa Ceylon

BB Cream by La Mav 

PERFECT FOR: Time Poor Beauty Girls

We all start out with best intentions for our post-shower skin routine: toner, moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, concealer and a light foundation. Unfortunately, when you are already 20 minutes late and still not dressed yet, these intentions can fly straight out the window. Enter the La Mav BB Cream: a multi-purpose, certified organic cream that will save you time and effort for early starts. With Vitamin C, Rosehip Oil, full coverage and SPF protection, the La Mav BB Cream has colour adaptive technology to suit any skin tone, and even works to correct blemishes and imperfections. 

Gel Off Shellac Remover by Elliona

PERFECT FOR: Nail Enthusiasts with Skin Concerns

Shellac has taken over the nail world: but devotees will know the pain of having to wait for half an hour with hands in a bowl of acetone and wrapped in foil. Not glam. Gel Off Shellac proves an at-home alternative to damaging salon treatments by proving a unique gel formulation that doesn’t contact the skin, and removes the Shellac adhesion on the nail itself. This provides a safer option for both your skin and nails, which prevents them from drying out and the nail becoming flaky and brittle. It’s also a time saver! Say goodbye to hour-long manicure appointments, and hello to quick lunch time trips with this at-home kit. 


Story by Lauren Rose Burke.