Video: How To Steam Your Skin

We’re now well into the depths of winter and there are few amongst us who haven’t yet succumbed to a cold - or at least a persistent sniffle. Here at Beauticate, we’re no exception and consequently, we’ve become quite obsessed with facial steaming - it helps cure a multitude of ills, from blocked sinuses to congested pores. Whether you’re into hi-tech facial saunas or you prefer an old-fashioned bowl of hot water, here is Sig’s guide to get you started. Oh, and if you haven’t seen already – we’re now on IGTV! You’ll find this video plus many more beauty tutorials and behind the scenes vids of Beauticate HQ, as well as interviews with the likes of Miranda Kerr and Jess Hart. Time to get binge watching…




Video by Sigourney Cantelo and Tess Schlink; Photo from Sitchu story with photography by Blake Heywood and hair and makeup by Jess Diez.