Farewell Trims, This New Cut Trick Will Save Your Hair

Hair dusting is the latest buzz term in salons, and it could save your hair. The hair salvaging trend trims your hair without losing any of its length. Seriously. This technique, better done by your stylist than a DIY job, takes small sections of your hair and, with a little tension pulled, snips the bottom of each broken strand, individually. 

Speaking to Refinery 29, Los Angeles stylist Sal Salcedo says this technique works on all hair types and textures too.

You might be thinking, “Won’t this thin my hair?” Nope! It’s called dusting for a reason," he says. "Hair dusting cuts off ends so small it looks like dust. It prevents the split ends from spreading by removing them earlier than next week’s trim would."

If you are super game and confident you can try this on your own, make sure to 'dust' when your hair is dry using a very sharp pair of scissors (blunt ones will just create more breakage).

Dusting never looked so appealing. 

Story by Mariah Bovee