New iPhone Mode Gives You Pro-Level Selfies

Could this be the end of the airbrush filter? In a further bid to become the only device we'll ever need in life (we're eagerly awaiting the flat iron application that we're sure isn't far away), the iPhone 7 Plus includes Portrait Mode - the most advanced depth-of-field on a phone yet. 

What does that mean for your soon-to-be profesh 'gramming?  Basically, Portrait mode creates an effect that keeps the subject of your pics - objects, friends, family, you - super sharp while blurring the background (yes, that's right, not blurring your face. Because, believe it or not, we want to see your features). This kind of image was previously only accessible on a DSLR. 

It's so impressive, in fact, that professional photographers are becoming cell camera converts, getting behind the promotion of the mode. "I’m kind of freaking out. Portrait mode is unbelievable,” praises celebrity photographer, Jeremy Cowart. "Minimise the background, cut out the distractions from your subject, [and] try to find the shade and put the sun behind your subject as a nice back light.” 

Want proof? Check out this amazing pic Cowart took of his son using the new mode:

Charge your phone, there'll be some serious hearting on your holiday Insta snaps and selfies this year. 

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith