The Latest Hair Hue Favoured By Models

This year, a slew of our favourite blondes have traded their honey hues for something a little on the darker side, (remember Blake Lively’s ‘bronde’ Instagram?). But it seems the latest to go to the dark(er) side are models of the moment and perennial blondes Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid. 

 Image via @haileybaldwin

Image via @haileybaldwin


Gigi has been a California blonde since, well, as long as we've known of her (and beyond - we love her #fbf of her angel blonde hair as a kid). Since the VS show though, her hair has been graduating to a darker shade, almost-brunette. Nowhere near as dark as sister Bella, but we think the natural-looking hue suits her. 



Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin recently visited us to promote her latest collab with ModelCo sporting her signature shaggy blonde (after a brief hiatus in rose gold). Since then, she’s 'grammed a choppy fringe and a significantly darker shade - proof that you can keep things natural while still sporting a fresh shade. 


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Story by Emily Algar