8 things you need to know about Beauticate for the new season

We've compiled a list of the top 8 things the Nude By Nature team need to know about Beauticate to survive the new season. Here they are...


#1 The Full Package: Credible, Authentic & Premium

Beauticate delivers credible content with an authentic voice. It's aspirational while still being accessible.


#2 Influencers are trending. But influential journalists are the new black

Sigourney’s 15 years’ experience as a beauty journalist brings credibility to the brands she collaborates with.


#3 It's A Numbers Game: Beauticate Leads With Cult Following

Beauticate has amassed a dedicated following of affluent beauty-focused consumers.


#4 Never Out Of Reach: Beauticate delivers guaranteed impressions

Beauticate campaigns can be amplified to guarantee your audience reach objectives.


#5 Up-front and personal: Beauticate is transparent and accountable

Beauticate shares real audience data and provides comprehensive post campaign reports.


#6 Beauty Makeover: Beauticate is getting a site refresh

An exciting new look and feel is underway. Watch this space.


#7 Nail your content creation: leave it in the hands of an expert

Beauticate's native content can hit key brand messages while keeping the content engaging for the reader.


#8 Top Beauty Brands: Beauticate delivers effective integrated campaigns

Beauticate has successfully delivered a number of integrated campaigns for a range of mass and luxury beauty brands.