Drift Facial Lounge, Bondi

If you detest the grind of big city establishments and yearn for a little personal attention, then Drift Facial Lounge has heard your pleas. A truly bespoke experience, Drift is operated out of owner Nicole Sievert’s breezy Bondi home, and features handmade skincare products that are customized to your skin concern.

 The peaceful waiting area in nicoles' home

The peaceful waiting area in nicoles' home

Walking in to Nicole’s home, I feel instantly at ease. The modern, light-filled semi in North Bondi features large windows looking out onto a leafy garden and a sleek waiting area by a fireplace. Relaxed mid-century interiors with happy pops of punchy yellow and orange add to the bright, beachy vibe. 

After chatting with Nicole about my own dermal concerns (pigment from my pregnancy! Eternal dehydration!) she revealed me a little about her own journey. After  a career in corporate marketing she turned her study to cosmetic chemistry and various massage techniques, and set about creating a space where she could pamper her clients and create products, all from the comfort of her home. After analyzing her clients skin during treatment, she selects specific actives to use during treatment and can later create and prepare skincare formulations to give to them for ongoing care. 

  fresh ingredients are added to create an custom blended  masks

 fresh ingredients are added to create an custom blended  masks

“Everyone’s skin is different, so even trying to categorise it as ‘oily’, ‘dry’, ‘problem’ or whatever, there’s always a different mix and with that requires a different blend of oils, a different blend of actives, even a different skincare routine sometimes.”

Nicole is clearly impassioned by what she does. She has a warm, easy way of laughing that makes you want to hang out. It’s even better that we get to hang out while she fixes my skin.

We step through another sitting room to the front of the house where the bathroom and treatment room reside. I disrobe and slip between fresh sheets, as Nicole reenters, baring various concoctions in sleek silver pumps and jars. 

After doing a gentle cleanse she pulls a jar of fresh Manuka honey out of the cupboard and mixes it into a mud mask that she is ladling into a dish. She paints it onto my face and as it works its magic gives me a bliss-inducing head massage, focusing on release points on my scalp.


The next hour goes by in a flash as we chat about the various ingredients and actives she selects to address my issues such as hyaluronic acid, Siberian Ginseng and Moroccan Chamomile that smells beautiful. She tells me about a new online consulting service she’s created for customers that can’t make it into her treatment room.  

“This way I can analyse your skin online to create custom skincare product specifically formulated to meet your skin’s unique requirements,” she explains and then applies a deliciously fragrant facial oil and begins a wonderfully indulgent facial and neck massage, expertly kneading out the tension between my brows and along my jawline (I’m a clencher). It’s not until she spritzes me with a gorgeous rosewater facial mist that I pull myself out of a half-dream, deliciously relaxed and revived. 

A few days after my treatment I receive a little box with a beautiful hand written note. Inside is the gorgeous rosewater facial mist and pregnancy body oil that Nicole has sent me to rub into my growing belly. It’s thoughtful touches like this that make the Drift experience so special and unique.  

Review by Sigourney Cantelo
 nicole uses artist's brushes to apply her masks

nicole uses artist's brushes to apply her masks



Private Residence
North Bondi NSW
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