Laura Whitmore, TV Host

Rock n’ roll reporter and red carpet style icon, Laura Whitmore is London’s girl of the moment. From hosting the likes of Ibiza Rocks, I’m a Celebrity and Backstage at The Brits, the MTV presenter’s life may look like it’s all parties and pretty frocks but behind the glamour, Laura’s approach to beauty is low maintenance using cult classic and often inexpensive products… with some sound skincare tips from her Mum too. 

Photography by Erica Bergsmeds.

Beauticate UK Correspondent Sarah Jagger caught up with Laura and uncovered her best beauty secrets.

 Laura wears jacket by  Unreal fur , shirt by  Charlie Brear  and jeans by  J.Brand

Laura wears jacket by Unreal fur, shirt by Charlie Brear and jeans by J.Brand

"I always knew that when I grew up I’d never sit behind a desk in an office

I love meeting and talking to people so I wanted my work to be all about that.  As a child I was really into acting but always thought TV would be too hard to break into.  I guess I was lucky! I won the MTV My Space Pick Me Competition in 2008 and landed myself a job in front of the camera. At the time I was fresh out of university and MTV was such an amazing platform to have as a first job.

I love to experiment with my makeup

And I'm very changeable when it comes to my whole look. My number one focus is always on the skin and I always try to make it look glowy and fresh. Sometimes I love the classic Hollywood glamour of a red lip and flicky black eyeliner but most of the time I prefer a more natural look. I think people tend to wear more makeup when they’re trying to hide something.

I have a big problem with red lipstick. I love wearing it but always end up with it smeared across my chin! I was recently on Celebrity Juice and Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton and I each had to stick a sock in our mouths (as one does on Celebrity Juice). Wearing red lippy that night was definitely an error because I ended up with it all over my face.

 Laura has a multitude of makeup products to experiment with 

Laura has a multitude of makeup products to experiment with 

 Laura wears top and skirt by  DSquared2

Laura wears top and skirt by DSquared2

My personal style changes a lot

I know what suits me and I know what doesn’t but I don’t like to put myself into one category  - I’m very chameleon like that. Day to day I’ll wear skinny jeans, leather trousers and biker boots-something relaxed and comfortable but for work I have to make more of an effort. I quite like experimenting with different styles. One day I’ll be a grungy rock chic and the next day I’ll be really girly. At other times I like simple, clean cuts and fresh shades of nudes and whites… but then I’ll juxtapose that with my favourite spiked leather jacket. You can always tell what mood I’m in by what I’m wearing (if I’m in a bad mood I’ll probably be wearing all black!).

My Mum was a big beauty influence

She always said ‘Cleanse, tone and moisturise… and if you don’t have a toner be sure to put cold water on to close the pores’. My mother has amazing skin so she must be doing something right. Mum really drilled it into me to always take my makeup off after a night out. As a teenager I’d come in at 3am after a night out and she’d shout down ‘Have you taken your makeup off?’ At the time musicians were a real inspiration for my ever changing looks…it all depended on what band I was into. I went through an Avril Lavigne stage with poker straight hair and lots of eyeliner (what was I thinking?); then I was more rock n roll, then I went Emo…. I even went through a pigtail phase because I adored Emma Bunton.

 Laura's always mindful of wearing red lipstick

Laura's always mindful of wearing red lipstick

 Laura loves pretty perfumes for a night out

Laura loves pretty perfumes for a night out

Growing up in Ireland, fake tan had a cult following

I can’t believe how much time we used to spend getting ready to go out! My friends and I would start getting ready three hours beforehand and take turns tanning each other’s backs.

I’m exactly the opposite now - in London everyone’s so busy and no one I know spends longer than 20 minutes getting ready. The ‘London look’ is much more effortless and most people go straight out from work without changing outfits or makeup. In my opinion the most important beauty product for a night out is a good, evocative fragrance – something fruity, pretty and girly. I’m a big fan of DKNY Fresh Blossom  or Nina Ricci.

I’m quite low maintenance

and don’t believe in using lots of expensive beauty products. Rodial Stemcell Glam Lip Balm is a must in my handbag as is Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick because it makes me feel all ‘cheekbones and glow’. When it comes to skincare I use some products that are really inexpensive like Ponds Cold Cream. I started using it because my Mum always did and it quite simply… works.  It’s also quick and multitasking because it can be used as a makeup remover, cleanser or moisturiser. I also like Kiehl’s skincare especially the moisturisers and serums.

 Laura swears by her Rodial Stemcell Glam Lip Balm 

Laura swears by her Rodial Stemcell Glam Lip Balm 

 Laura uses Weleda Skin Food to Beat Dehydration

Laura uses Weleda Skin Food to Beat Dehydration

I’m absolutely obsessed with Weleda Skin Food

Which I use every day. I fly a lot so I always take a travel size of it with me. The minute I get on a plane I take all my makeup off and slather my face in a thick layer. It’s the best trick for beating dehydrated ‘plane skin’.

My favourite body product is L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil – it smells incredible and I can’t get enough of it. Not only is it nourishing and moisturising but a little added to the arms or legs give a really nice glow to the limbs on camera.

Day to day my makeup consists of...

a makeup primer or a BB cream with a high SPF because I’ve got fair skin. I really like Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation for work because it’s good coverage yet natural looking. I’m really terrible at doing eye shadow myself so I tend to avoid it and leave it to professional makeup artists when I’m working. I have mastered the flicky eyeliner though! My big beauty revelation was when I stopped putting eyeliner under my eyes and starting wearing it on top instead – it completely opened up my eyes and updated my whole look.

My hair gets styled so much at work that if I have a day off I won't do anything to it at all other than wash it, add some Moroccan Oil to the ends and let it dry naturally. When your hair is dry and highlighted like mine it’s so important to give it occasional days off from heat styling.

 Giorgio Armani Foundation is a Fixture in her Beauty Bag

Giorgio Armani Foundation is a Fixture in her Beauty Bag

 Laura feels most beautiful when wearing jeans and a jumper

Laura feels most beautiful when wearing jeans and a jumper

I prefer my makeup to look completely natural and effortless

(even if a makeup artist may have spent an hour doing it). I don’t like my hair and makeup looking too ‘done’ on camera. The amount of times I’ve asked for a natural blow-dry and come out looking like Farrah Fawcett! I often have my hair styled then I’ll pop around the corner and rough it up a bit. I’d be a terrible model because I can never stop playing with my hair!

The time when I feel most beautiful is not when I’m on a red carpet in a gorgeous gown but actually when I just feel really comfortable - like when I’m in a pub having a laugh with my friends, usually wearing jeans and a jumper. Good-skin-days help too. It’s so confidence boosting when you feel naturally glowy, with a clear complexion. Some days I can be completely dressed down but if my skin looks great, I feel great and I don’t need to wear makeup. If I wear too much makeup I don’t feel like myself.

I’m not hugely into exercise

But I love to relax with Yoga. I love Bikram and regularly do most types of yoga, however my motivation for doing yoga isn’t so much for a health and fitness reason but more because it helps to clear my head – I have some favourite postures that I do at home most days. For a laugh I go to SBC – The Skinny Bitch Collective. It’s absolutely hilarious because you have to do some pretty bizarre moves but the aim is to achieve strong yet lean muscle. Exercise is so much easier when it’s fun!”

 Laura wears dress by  H&M

Laura wears dress by H&M


Story by Sarah Jagger; Compiled by Nicola Donovan; Photography by Erica Bergsmeds; Photography assistant Alistair Martin; Makeup by Sarah Jagger; Hair by Rio Sreedharan using Fudge; Props stylist Marisha Green; Styling by Angie Smith; Fashion Assistant Danielle Whiteman.