Ultimate Holiday Essentials – Sigourney’s Edit

This year we took our big holiday in June, when we took the family to Spain (and captured these pics with famed Ibiza photographer Ana Lui). So this Christmas break has been all about the mini breaks and catching up with friends in Byron Bay, The Central Coast’s Copacabana and Melbourne. Needless to say, living out of an overnight bag, I’ve had to really hone my beauty kit to only the most hardworking beauty essentials. Here are the products I’d rather not board a short-haul flight without. 

 Bikini by  Tigerlily  

Bikini by Tigerlily 


Holiday High

 Sigourney wears white dress from  Zimmerman

Sigourney wears white dress from Zimmerman

Even if you’re not going somewhere exotic, you can fake it 'til you make it with a tropical fragrance or body cream. My latest obsessions? Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil – a sunny mix of jasmine flowers mixed with crisp citrus and vetiver which is perfect for cooling down on steamy days. I also love Commodity Magnolia - it’s got the freshness of green plants mingled with magnolia and tasty caramel base notes. I love that they have a roll-on for travel. If you’re planning on spending time in the sun, however, you should skip the perfume completely and go for a scented body lotion because fragrances contain alcohol and sun and alcohol do not mix. I was thrilled to find one of my all time favourite summer fragrances in a body cream - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Cream comes in a decadent bronze jar and leaves skin scented with summer – sand, sun tan lotion and white tropical blooms. 


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Face Value

 Dress by Marysia Swim

Dress by Marysia Swim

Don’t let your skincare routine suffer just because you’re going away. I find facial oil is one of the most high yield toiletry bag buys when you’re travelling. They’re usually tiny and they pack a big hydration punch. A good natural option is Vanessa Megan Intensive Organic Night Repair Oil, it’s rich in Omega 3s to help repair any sun exposure and it’s also great when you’re flying. You’ll also need a cleanser – I find cleansing oil or gel the best option for travel as they get every skerrick of sunscreen and makeup off. Sisley Gentle Cleansing Gel is beautiful in summer and it’s in a great sized plastic bottle of travel. Finally, a great tinted sunscreen – French pharmacy favourite, La Roche Posay 50+ Tinted BB Cream is well priced and broad spectrum so perfect for tripping around in both cool and warm climates. 


Sun Shield 

 One piece by  Marysia Swim

One piece by Marysia Swim

The best protection plan is to find a sun bed (of the shelter variety, not tanning) and stay out of the sun completely – particularly between the hours of 10am and 3pm. A great hat (try Fallen Broken Street and Lack of Color for cute straw options) and lightweight cotton shirt is also paramount. Next stop is, of course, sunscreen. I’ve been trying a lot lately and I really like Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30+, as it feels like a body lotion and smells beautiful, while Mecca Sunbrella Invisible Superspray SPF 50+ is great for misting on easily. And don’t forget your hands – Alpha H has recently launched Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+ with Vitamin C to help keep sun spots at bay. The mini 30 ml size is perfect for throwing in your beach bag or keeping in your glove box of your car. 


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After Sun


If you’ve accidentally caught some excess UV rays don’t beat yourself up too much. Nothing beats a stalk of fresh aloe vera straight from the plant to soothe – simply break it off and peel back the skin, rubbing the gel into any sunburn. A cool bath with a cup of baking soda helps neutralize the burn, too. My favourite after sun body lotions are Korres Moisturising Body Milk Aloe Vera because it’s pumped with aloe, avocado, chamomile and calendula to soothe and smells beautiful. Aesop Petitgrain Reviving Body Gel is a lightweight hydrating gel and smells fresh and zesty – so it’s perfect to share with your other half. I find the best way to play up a tan is cult classic French pharmacy buy Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or – rub it from head to toe – you can even use it as a hair treatment. The gold flecks give skin a stunning dinner-time shine. 

 Dress by  Milea Resort

Dress by Milea Resort


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Hair Heroes


Hair styling can be a bit of an oxymoron in summer when you’re at war with the elements. Your two best friends? Styling gel and salt spray. Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion is a new take on salt spray – you use it on damp hair and then let your locks air dry to encourage natural wave. R + Co High Dive Moisture Shine Cream is a great option when your hair is either A) Greasy from sunscreen or B) Not cooperating due to humidity. Simply apply a dollop through towel-dried hair and slick it back into a low pony or bun. When you’re actually in the water, remember to protect hair from sun, salt and chlorine – Sachajuan Hair In The Sun contains UV filters to protect your colour that stay in the hair even after washing, so it’s a great one to pack in your beach bag. 


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Body Talk

 Leopard print bikini by Tigerlily

Leopard print bikini by Tigerlily

For beach holidays I’ll usually try and get a spray tan before I go so I don’t have to worry about tanning when I get there. (It also makes me feel way better in a bikini). Before any kind of tanning you should exfoliate really well. Frank Body Scrub with Coconut is a nice way to get you in the mood and soften skin prior to any bronzing. While you’re there, a body oil with coconut, jojoba and vitamin E will keep skin soothed post-sun – I like Bali Body Tanning/Body Oil. It’s super hydrating and a great size for travel. Keep the tropical dream alive once you’re home with Yes To Coconuts Ultra Light Spray Body Lotion – it’s 97% natural and smells amazing. Spray lotions seem to speed up the moisturizing process as you’re not taking of lids or pumping, you just spritz and rub. Great for times when you’ve got better things to do than be preening.  


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Story by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Anna Lui; Styling and Production by Kristie Rogers; Hair and Makeup by Lianne Claire and By Bekka.