Q: I eat a pretty nutritious diet but would like to start taking some additional supplements to really help my skin glow. What are the best basic supplements to add to my daily routine? I would like to keep it fairly simple as too many will make it all a bit too pricey and laborious, I want to be able to maintain the routine.

– Rebecca

A: We totally get it. The whole supplement thing can be pretty overwhelming. And, as you already know, the best way to get skingredients into your system is by eating a diet that’s full of nutrients (eat the rainbow – a variety of brightly coloured fruit and veg will protect your skin from aging) and essential fatty acids (salmon, nuts, avocado etc). But it you’re wanting to add even more goodness into your body then supplements can be a good option. But there’s so much choice! We’ve broken it down a bit for you…

One of our favourite Australian beauty-supplement brands is The Beauty Chef. A standout product from the range is the Glow Inner Beauty Powder. It’s made from 23 fermented superfoods and contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, as well as essential fatty- and amino acids which help to replace beneficial microorganisms that reside inside our skin and help to nourish internally, reaping external benefits. This powder supplement tastes berry-delish and is certified organic.

If you’re wanting to combat fatigue, dark circles and fine lines then consider adding a spirulina supplement to your smoothies and juices. This all-natural, fresh-water-dwelling green is blooming with over 100 nutrients, which is more than any other ingredient of its kind. It also is a great source of protein, especially for vegetarians, as it contains 300% more protein than any fish, meat, or poultry. This nutrient-filled plant improves skin elasticity, reduces fine lines, detoxes dark circles, and kills the bacteria that causes acne. It also contains loads of chlorophyll, which gives plants their green pigment and helps even your skin tone and make your eyes look brighter. A popular Spirulina powder is the one from Synergy Naturals, which can be found in your local supermarket or health-food store.

Greens are obviously a number one beauty food but if you’re not eating or juicing kilos of spinach then green powders are a good option – and they usually contain spirulina as a main ingredient. Vital Greens is widely regarded as a well blended mix of greens including spirulina, chorella, broccoli sprouts, spinach leaf powder, kelp powder, green tea and aloe vera. A staple in both Sally Obermeder and Somer Watson’s smoothies. If you’re okay with a bit of a splurge then WelleCo + Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir is the Rolls Royce of greens powder. It isn’t cheap ($145 for 300g and the chic black glass canister) but does have a host of awesome and certainly glams up the pantry. Fans (among whom are Kate Moss and Cheyenne Tozzi) claim that it gives them energy and brightens their skin.

Two more great beauty supplements are biotin and silica. Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin contains both ingredients along with zinc and vitamin C. These nutrients work wonders for collagen reformation, resulting in clearer skin, longer and healthier hair, and stronger nails. Silicea Silica tablets or the gel (which you stir into juice or water) are a good pure play silica if hair loss and nail breakage is a problem – a lot of hairstylists have recommended them to us in the past. They also contain calcium and vitamin D3, which, in addition to reviving hair, skin and nails, help fight Osteoporosis and strengthen bones, connective tissue, and even your pearly whites.

If Anti-ageing is a concern then add Resveratrol to your morning “To-Swallow-List”. This polyphenol is derived from grapes and is what gives your favourite vin rouge its cardiovascular and anti-ageing benefits. The nutrients inside Resveratrol help neutralise damage from free radicals as well as promoting joint, brain, and eye health. Try out Transmax Resveratrol from Biotivia – they’re super potent and are the ones all the major medical researchers use when writing papers about resveratrol.

Finally, fish oil is a good addition for both brain and joint health as well as skin. It’s made up of two main omega-3 fatty acids: EPA (which helps with brain health and functioning,) and DHA (anti-inflammatory it  blocks the release of UV-induced enzymes that cause lines and sagging, therefore protecting against sun damage). Swisse makes an odourless variety so you can reap the benefits of fish oil without feeling like you’ve swallowed a can of salmon.


Answered by Sammi Keys and Sigourney Cantelo

  1. August 19, 2015
    Andrea Ferrari

    That’s a good list of supplements – as you say it can be overwhelming the more you read, but you’ve produced a good shortlist. I have had hair breakage and thinning and for the past year have taken biotin and liquid silica and ALSO Viviscal supplement (they have a shampoo and conditioner to complement which I use occasionally). My hair is in great growth now, coming through thicker and stronger. With hair challenges it takes time for the hair to grow so you have to be diligent and patient! The contact is Helen Feeney at Lifes2Good.com

    1. August 23, 2015

      Thanks Andrea – great tips! I’m sure people will find it really helpful.

  2. August 25, 2015

    Thank-you so very much! This is so helpful and thoughtful.
    Rebecca x

  3. September 4, 2015

    Does it matter if you take something like spirulina in a tablet form rather than powder?
    Thanks, Rose

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