become a beauticate reviewer

Are you a frustrated writer with a penchant for pretty things? A beauty blogger in the making? Or just a cosmetic junkie who has a way with words?


 Illustration by  megan hess

Illustration by megan hess


We’re recruiting Beauticate reviewers (Beauticaters) from all around Australia to take part in product and treatment reviews. We will send you beauty products and organise spa/salon treatments in your area in return for your informative and eloquent reviews.  

There are two things you need to do to enter: 

  1. Fill out the Application form below including your profile info so we can tailor the products and treatments to your skin and hair type;
  2. Write a review on your favourite beauty product (200-300 words) and your favourite spa/salon (200-300 words) and email them to info@beauticate.com.

The reviews should be in the tone and style of other stories on Beauticate – descriptive and emotive but still conversational and succinct. We are looking for clever, chatty writers who can really conjure the sensation of using a product and transport the reader to the spa/salon.



Application Form

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We will select a number of reviewers based on the quality of applications. If you’re selected, we will offer you a casual contractor arrangement which will include the following terms:

  • We own the copyright in all submissions;
  • We retain editorial control and may change the wording or only use part of your submissions;
  • Payment is made in the form of the fabulous products and services you will be reviewing;
  • This exclusive opportunity is only open to Australian residents over the age of 16;
  • Selections will be ongoing as Beauticate requires and entries will be reviewed periodically;
  • You will be subscribed to the Beauticate newsletter to keep you up to date.

The full terms will be provided to successful applicants.