The drought and horrific bushfires which ushered in 2020 have made us all more aware than ever of the fragility of our beautiful country. The latest offerings from Australian beauty innovators showcase the potent ingredients available within our diverse ecosystem, from beach to bush. In other words, the beauty industry is one small prism through which to see how important it is that we respect and protect what we have available to us in our very own backyard.


All things marine have been a huge trend in worldwide beauty for the last couple of years, so with world-class waters at our doorstep, it stands to reason that Aussie brands are offering up some of the best sea-inspired products.


After spending some time living on an island in the pacific, Baché de Mar’s founder decided to harness the powers of sea cucumbers (which boast marine collagen and antioxidants) for skincare, and created her Sea Cucumber Collagen Regeneration Serum which aims to both plump and hydrate.



A recent addition to its range is the 3 Step Skin Routine, consisting of cleanser, vitamin C serum and moisturiser, which are all enriched with red algae marine collagen to improve cell turnover.


It’s not only skincare brands looking to our oceans. Aussie haircare brand Bondi Boost now offers a texture spray featuring Australian sea salt – just spray into damp roots for added lift, and all over for definition of curls and waves. In keeping with the salty theme, Australian perfumers Asriq have released Bondi, a body oil fragranced with notes of sea salt and heady warm weather florals that hydrates and protects parched summer skin thanks to its botanical ingredients.


One of the elements that makes our beaches so uniquely beautiful is that they aren’t necessarily standalone eco-systems, but instead are often connected to all the wonders of fauna and flora the Aussie bush has to offer. This fact is not lost on Minenssey, whose Flannel Flower Absolute draws its hydrating effects from its namesake plant, which seeks out sufficient moisture to grow anywhere from coastal regions to dry forests, and can withstand plenty of our harsh sun exposure.



Ok so yes, the desert is not the coast, but they both contain sand and, more relevant to our purposes, offer up indigenous ingredients that pack a significant skincare punch. Mere Lifestyle, a brand new launch this past December, utilises native botanicals, with its Cellular Balance Activated Cleansing Gel incorporating Mere’s Desert Harvest Complex. This contains quandong, desert lime and wattle seed which boast major antioxidant benefits, helping both to protect and brighten. Organic Australian brand Raww also relies on desert fruits as key ingredients in their skincare range. Wildberry Harvest, a complex found in their Super Hydrate-ME Night Cream, is made up of three berries sourced from the outback for their outstanding abilities to hydrate.


Our industry has made us very proud in its response to this disaster, whether it be generous donations from the giants with Australian interests, like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder Companies, as well as from the smaller players with big hearts, like Frank Body and Ultra Violette, or wonderful, practical projects like @beautybagsforbushfirevictims. It’s worth remembering that you can continue to help bolster the Australian economy as a whole by buying Australian-made products, and can put money back into the affected communities directly through initiatives like @spendwiththem and @buyfromthebush. At times of crisis, beauty may not seem of high importance, but prioritising our environment in the everyday choices we make is more essential than ever.


Story by Zoe Briggs, photography by Alice Mahran, hair and makeup by Katrina Raftery, dress by ZimmermannShot on location at Shoal Bay; crew stayed at Salt at Shoal Bay

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