Applying false lashes can seem daunting and difficult to master. When applied without the right technique, false lashes can make your eyes look droopy, feel uncomfortable, fall off halfway throughout the day and look uneven or not well aligned with your eye shape. Read on to discover five fool-proof hacks that will have you applying falsies like a pro, so you will never again have to frantically search ‘How to apply false lashes’ when getting ready for a night out.

What to look for when buying false eyelashes

How to apply false lashes effectively partially depends on purchasing the right products. When selecting eyelashes, ensure the bands are thin and not too dark – this will prevent the droopy look and reduce chances of discomfort and irritation.

The right lash glue can also make or break the outcome. For novices, try a clear colour so it isn’t messy. Some lash glues ‘flake’ off when they dry, leaving white remnants. Don’t skimp on quality for your base! We recommend MAC’s DUO lash glue for long lasting precision.

Prepare your falsies before application

Play around with the lash band before applying the glue. Stiff lash bands make false lash application difficult and can cause your lashes to fall off quickly. Gently loosen the lash band by curving it around your finger, brush handle, or any round object to make the lash more malleable and curved for application. You can also toggle the eyelash around to make it more flexible.

Measure the lashes against your eyes to see if the falsie fits your eye shape. If it is too long, use a pair of scissors (preferably nail scissors) to trim off the ends to the desired length. The falsie shouldn’t cover the entire eye: there should be some space on the outer and inner corner of your eyes.

Remember: how to apply false lashes like a pro depends on perfecting the preparation process.


The actual application process

  • Remember to curl your lashes slightly before application, so your natural lashes blend in with your falsies.
  • How to apply false lashes so they stay on all day? Start with getting the base right. Lash glue adheres better to your lash line when it is slightly dry and tacky. Applying lashes straight after you have applied lash glue can cause the lashes to easily slip off. Wait 40 – 50 seconds after you have applied glue on the lash band/your eyelids, then proceed to place the falsies on top of your lash line.
  • Tip: Apply lash glue directly above your lash line and on the lash band for double protection. Since I’ve incorporated this trick, my lashes haven’t been falling mid-way through an event (awkward!).
  • Apply falsies as close to the lash line as possible, but not directly on it. Sometimes we get the positioning wrong and apply the fluttery falsies on the lash line or too far above. But there’s an easy solution to avoid this faux pas. Instead of looking directly at the mirror, place a mirror underneath your face. This angle gives you the most accurate measurement for lash application and positions your eyes in a slightly ‘half closed’ manner, which is the most convenient way to avoid a messy lash situation. When your lashes are professionally applied, the technician generally requests that you ‘look down’ for the most effective lash application as there is more lid space.

The ultimate how to apply false lashes guide wouldn’t be complete without this nifty trick: When applying the lashes, angle them in a subtly ‘upturned’ position. Avoid applying the lashes ‘straight down’, as it can look heavy.


What if it falls off?

If your lashes still end up slightly coming off, don’t fear! Apply lash glue to a toothpick and gently line the area where the lash has fallen off.  Wait 30 seconds, then press your falsies back on.

The best way to remove falsies?

To remove lash glue, soak a cotton bud in eye makeup remover, wait for it to soften, and gently peel it off. You can reuse falsies, but make sure you thoroughly clean them. Dirty false lashes can result in flimsy application, as old layers of makeup, dirt, and glue can cause the lashes to slip off.

Story by Kristina Zhou. Holding shot via Getty Images.

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