I’m thrilled to be working with Minenssey Skincare again to launch the new take on their cult clay masks: the Skin Revival Plus Vegan Collagen Mask Set. This reformulation has been nearly two years in development, and the promise of ‘good things come to those who wait’ feels appropriate. 

Many of you will know the brand’s clay mask range – cult products which purify and soften the skin with impressive results that are matched by the sales figures. With over 6 million masks sold, these little foil topped capsules are firm favourites with women all over the world. Ideal for popping in your overnight bag, you can take them on that business trip and turn an evening in the hotel into an indulgent mini facial experience.

I first started working with Minenssey back in 2019, assisting the team with new product development, comms, and strategy. I absolutely loved the chance to be able to collaborate with a brand that focused on active botanicals and advocating the use of potent Australian natives such as Tasmanian Pepperberry and Flannel Flower while also being infused with the latest scientific advances. Fast forward four years, we’ve kept these hero ingredients while also introducing the latest in “skinnovations.”

Minenssey’s freshly upgraded clay mask series: the Minenssey Skin Revival Plus Vegan Collagen Mask Set, is the world’s first next generation collagen x clay face mask.


Infused with ‘recombinant’ collagen, it’s the latest in pioneering collagen technology sourced from a leading lab in Spain, trademarked as ‘Col-Frag remastered™’. It’s won awards for its innovation and has clinically approved efficacy. By comparison with other collagens that are sourced from animals (fish, pigs and cows) recombinant collagen is bio-engineered, plant-based but non-GMO. It shows excellent efficacy in wrinkle reduction, can help with skin barrier regeneration, and can help skin collagen renewal with lifting and plumping benefits.


Col-Frag remastered™ won the “Most Innovative Raw Material” at the European BSB Innovation Award 2022. The way they make it is fascinating. In a biofactory, scientists insert a fragment of synthetic human type I collagen into the cytoplasm of the plant (that’s a gel like fluid that fills the plant cell). As it grows, the plant then begins to produce the grafted protein naturally, using its own protein synthesis mechanisms. This protein is then harvested, extracted and purified to obtain this bio-engineered plant-based type 1 collagen fragment, which is highly pure and contains no potentially irritating toxic substances.


This super collagen is also completely sustainable. The plants are grown in sustainable indoor vertical farms that operate in line with the specifications of controlled-environment agriculture.


The resulting collagen has been tested and in vitro experiments, Col-Frag remastered is proven to increase procollagen type I content by over 100%. As for the way it works in your skincare? It’s incredibly clever – working like a messenger to activate signalling as well as doing the work. It actually tells your fibroblasts to generate more collagen, and enhances your existing collagen network structure.


In keeping with the design of the original clay mask sets, the Skin Revival Plus Vegan Collagen set contains four masks with different functions: purifying, hydrating, anti-aging, and brightening. All four masks contain the super collagen – Col-Frag Remastered , and the  set is structured so that you can embark on a ‘skin revival program’ by using certain masks on certain days during your 28 day skin cycle, depending on the needs of your skin on any particular day. This is a game-changing way to address your skin concerns and keep your skin in a state of equilibrium.



 For me, like many women, I find that my oil production increases right before my period, so this is the perfect time to schedule a pamper session using the Purifying Clay Mask. In addition to Australian Tasmanian pepper berry and purifying white and green French clay, it now contains Malachite Extract, a powerful free radical scavenger, while Vitamin E helps the skin fight free radicals, UV rays, and pollutants. The addition of the next generation collagen provides anti ageing benefits.


Once my skin has settled down and we’re in the clear breakout-wise, it’s time to introduce the Hydrating Mask to soothe and calm my skin. This gorgeous mask with Flannel Flower contains Vitamin E along with Saccharide Isomerate, a natural moisturizing ingredient from the Netherlands. It’s also a100% naturally derived plant extract that mimics the natural moisturizing factors in human skin so it can penetrate and quickly reach the outer layer of the skin, bind tightly with keratin, absorb moisture like a magnet, and maintain it for a long time.


The next week is all about rejuvenating with the Brightening Clay Mask. This beautiful radiance-inducing mask contains Australian Snow Flower, Moonstone, White Clay and  Nonapeptide-1, which, in vitro, has been proved to reduce melanin synthesis in the skin significantly,  and even and brighten the skin tone. I find that it fixes any dullness and leaves my skin more even-toned and beaming, as if lit from within by a high-wattage bulb.


Finally (and this mask is my absolute favourite and the one I turn to most often, because you can leave it on like a moisturiser) is the Ageless Overnight Mask. It’s pumped chock a block full of the Col-Frag remastered™ along with White truffle from Italy, which are known locally as “white diamonds” because they are so rare but also rich in minerals and vitamin C. It also includes Saccharide Isomerate along with Vitamins E and F to help restore the skin’s healthy moisture levels significantly. It’s like an intense vitamin infusion for your face, it’s so nourishing and it smells amazing too.

I’m so happy with how the masks have turned out. Minenssey has always been nature-based, but by upgrading the formulations, we’ve ensured the products are also incredibly efficacious too. Wherever possible, we source the latest global innovations and ensure they’re tested by third party labs, so the science really stacks up.  

I also love that the brand has always been deeply sensorial. The scents are derived from essential oils and Australian botanical infused textures are exquisite, they really feel and smell deeply indulgent.

Since the clay mask can be worn for anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes (being a creamy blend, it doesn’t dry out like other clay masks) it’s perfect for creating a ‘spa at home’ moment or just carving out essential me-time mid-week, and to me, that’s what beauty is all about. It’s self care in its highest – and most potent – form.

By Sigourney Cantelo. In Association with Minenssey.

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