Look, pyjamas are nice and all, but ask any mum and I’m sure she’ll admit that the ultimate gift is good skin. Something that hydrates, brightens, tones, lifts and takes away those pesky under eye circles. And sadly, a pair of Sussan flannelettes can’t do that. But these guys can. Here I’ve canvassed the latest high tech anti-ageing creams and wrinkle warriors that any mum would love to unwrap come Sunday.

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The Super Luxe Serum

La Prairie’s latest launch White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion Serum is a masterpiece – not only to look at – but also to use. White caviar pearls are suspended into a gel-serum, which burst on contact with your face imparting a delicious glow and instant hydration. Golden caviar extract and Vitamin C minimise redness, age spots, dullness and hard-to-shift pigmentation.


The French Wrinkle Filler

In a nifty needle-inspired applicator with a precision tip, The Avène PhysioLift Precision Wrinkle Filler delivers proven line blitzer Retinaldehyde along with skin plumping hyaluronic acid right into bothersome furrows and fine lines.


Insta-perfect Skin Primer

Dior’s Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced Perfect Skin Creator has a two-pronged approach: immediately the peach-toned lotion brightens and perfects skin, while in the background the brands patented Longoza extract fights ageing over time. Used as the last step in your skincare routine, this is like a seriously luxurious primer that preps the skin beautifully for makeup.


The Glow Giving Capsules

The iconic single-use capsules have been revamped with a bunch of glow-enhancing goodies as well as fine line fighter Retinyl Palmitate. The brand claims these little babies can help take up to ten years off of your skin. Sold yet? The Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum are convenient twist-top capsules that pack the perfect dosage into a single-use capsule. Simply twist, squeeze, and smooth over the skin to feel the hydrating benefits in an instant.

The Fizzy Brightening Cleansing Powder

Clinique don’t call this caper anti-ageing, they refer to it with the slightly less derogatory “de-ageing”. And the Fresh Pressed Daily Booster cleanser does exactly that. Simply tear open the single use sachets, add water and leave on for a minute to activate the potent vitamin C and jump-start the skin’s morning metabolism. They even collaborated with hip juice chain Joe & The Juice so you can cleanse from the inside and on the outside.


A Neck’s New Best Friend

If the décolletage is getting mum down, then it’s time to do some targeted treatment. Clarins Super Restorative Decollete and Neck Concentrate contains plant extracts including Harungana and Montepellier Rock-rose in a fragrant, silky formula that’s a joy to use.


A Classic Reborn

Cosmetics legend Estée Lauder originally launched her Re-Nutriv Cream in 1956 with the then unthinkable price tag of $115 – arguing that the formula’s premium ingredients were worth the investment. It’s retained it’s top shelf status ever since and last year relaunched it with the Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Creme introduction of ‘Floralixir Dew”- two flower extracts that are resilient in extreme conditions and are experts at fighting free radicals, along with a host of other delicious skin-loving goodies.


The Hydrating Superhero

Just as mum’s best dressing for winter advice is based around “layers!”, so should your skincare routine. Lightweight, super hydrating serums are the best way to bolster for chilly winter months, and La Mer’s The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum employs powerful antioxidants such as Lime Tea concentrate along with their legendary Miracle Broth. Layer it under the Crème De La Mer for a seriously cashmere and coat combo.


A Truly Luxe Eye Cream

The latest launch in Chanel’s Sublimage lineup is the Ultimate Revitalization Eye Cream. The stunningly packaged square pot with the happy-making gold CC logo on it’s cap comes with it’s own little gold-tipped massage applicator. Applying eye creams with the cooling tip can boost microcirculation to the eye area and help minimise bags and dark circles. The gel cream itself smells decadent and leaves the eye area hydrated and refreshed.


The Lifting Duo

Inspired by cosmetic rejuvenation and packaged in a high-tech space-age dual pump canister, Dr Babor’s Dual Face Lift Serums work on separate areas of the face.


Helping Hands

A truly luxe and welcome handbag addition is Eve Lom’s Time Retreat Hand Treatment. Unlike most hand creams which smell pretty but don’t do that much, Eve Lom’s contains encapsulated Retinol along with hydrating oils, shea butter and antioxidant Vitamin E to hydrate while minimising crepey skin and preventing more age spots from appearing. It also looks beautiful and doesn’t leave palms too greasy.


Story By Sigourney Cantelo

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  1. May 15, 2017

    Thos glow capsules look amazing! Do you only use one on your face at a time?

  2. May 15, 2017

    I had no idea there were specialized creams just for my neck – may have to give it a try…