I’ve done just about everything to my skin. From the mildest to the most intense chemical peels, micro needling, bizarre facial rituals, skincare that’s cost me the earth and skincare that claims to save the earth. You name it, I’ve tried it. Up until a month ago, there was only one treatment I had yet to subject mon visage to in the name of research - laser. So, it is timely that Sigourney reached out to tell me about a new laser resurfacing treatment launching at Youth Lab in Perth and if I am interested in trialling it. Like any good beauty aficionado, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. What follows is a journal before, during and after my experience with Halo Laser.

Day of Treatment

My treatment is set for after work on Friday with the expert and Youth Lab owner, Dr Kate Jameson. After a thorough cleanse, I take “before” photos using a clinical imaging system. My skin is then prepped and a numbing cream is applied 30 minutes prior to the treatment.

Before the treatment begins, Dr Kate uses the machine to measure each section of my face. This tells the Halo exactly how deep the laser needs to go over the skin depending on the surface area, which makes the treatment incredibly safe as there is no risk of “overdoing it” or damaging the skin. During treatment, the machine beeps once the section is complete but gives the practitioner 20% leeway so if they feel the section is uneven, they can continue until the machine stops.

For me, the Halo Laser isn’t painful at all (however I’m told by Dr Kate some people do find it uncomfortable as pain thresholds do vary a lot from person to person). Admittedly, I am under a topical anaesthetic but all I feel is heat and a mild prickly feeling, like hot ants running across the skin. The entire process took about an hour (including numbing) and afterwards I look and feel like I have been very badly sunburnt. A soothing post treatment balm is applied, and I sit under a cool fan for a little while before heading home with a very simple skincare routine to follow. I notice that within four hours of the treatment the heat and redness has significantly subsided, and I go to bed quite comfortable.

Day one after treatment

I wake up on day one with quite a red and swollen face, which is completely normal and expected. I take an antihistamine, followed by a gentle cleanse and application of moisturiser and SPF, and things started to calm down. My skin feels rough to touch but certainly not uncomfortable or painful.

I notice a little outbreak of pimples across my chin, which was anticipated since I’m told the lasers activate the sebaceous glands, bringing any underlying congestion to the surface. As I have acne-prone skin, this was expected and will clear. Bronzing of the skin has also started as microscopic columns are beginning to heal and underlying pigmentation is darkening and coming to the surface.

I visit Youth Lab late morning for a follow up with Dr Kate, where I take day one photos, and I spend 15 minutes under the LED Healite which will speed up the healing process of any skin treatment.

I thought I’d be really self-conscious of the redness and swelling, but I go about my usual Saturday routine without thinking too much about it. However, I make a conscious effort to make no plans this weekend so I can lay low and really give my skin the downtime it needed.

Day two after treatment

My skin was less red today, I just look a bit flushed, but it is very dry and itchy around my mouth and chin. I just want to scratch or exfoliate it but like the good skin patient I am, I leave it alone. I take another antihistamine for the swelling and religiously slather my skin in moisturiser and SPF all day.

Day three after treatment

I definitely rate this as the itchiest day for my skin post-Halo. There is still some slight puffiness around my eyes and cheeks but that dissipates. Today I have some meetings at work so I apply a little foundation and concealer but keep it as minimal as possible as my skin still flakes quite a bit, and there’s nothing worse than a face full of makeup on top of peeling skin.

As I clean and moisturise before bed I can really start to see a fresh glow underneath all the flaky dryness.

Day four after treatment

As predicted, I wake up with hardly any redness today. My mission now is just to keep the dryness at bay. I start to notice how smooth and even my forehead is, as well as a nice plumpness to my cheeks. A breakout appears along my jaw but this is just underlying congestion coming to the surface – it will clear.

Day five after treatment

My skin officially turns a corner today. The swelling and puffiness is replaced with a lovely plumpness and although my skin still feels rough in patches, on the whole it feels really smooth to touch.

Day six after treatment

The dryness and itching has completely subsided today. My only real concern now is the acne breakout, which I will tackle with a gentle peel tomorrow at Youth Lab and by recommencing my actives as part of my regular skincare regime.

Day seven after treatment

Did someone call the glow gods while I slept? Wow… My skin this morning is the brightest, smoothest skin I could ever wish for. Despite the appearance of a few lingering pimples I am so happy with how my complexion looks today. My skin has visibly healed within seven days and will continue to heal and improve over the next three months as collagen kicks in, pigmentation lightens and my acne subsides. I visit Youth Lab for one final consult and my therapist does a gentle Cosmedix Blueberry Peel to help slough away any last bits of skin and provides a big dose of hydration.

The Halo Laser treatment is a really interesting experience:  I can’t believe how quickly my skin heals and recovers, and despite the initial side effects (swelling, roughness and redness) being quite full on, I am impressed with how little downtime is involved. The results are outstanding, and they’re continuing to show. For anyone wanting to tackle stubborn pigmentation, or improve skin texture, elasticity and clarity, then this is the treatment for you. It’s the perfect preventative measure for those wanting to get a head start on anti-ageing regimes too – a worthwhile investment for your best skin yet.

Some more results from the Halo laser

Story by Lucy Anderson; Photography by Lucy and Youth Lab.

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  1. October 26, 2019

    How much does this cost and where in Melbourne?