A-list beauties: they’re considered the crème of the crop when it comes to physical beauty, holding us mere mortals to impossible standards. But which celebrities claim the most requested facial and body features in plastic surgery and injectable clinics? And how do surgeons and injectors achieve these highly coveted looks?

Eyes: Bella Hadid

According to The Cosmetic Lounge’s founder, Jelena Vucica, there’s one supermodel that reigns supreme in eye-shape treatment requests: Bella Hadid. Her sultry, almond eyes have landed a category of their own, with patients often clamouring for the “Bella Hadid Fox Eye”. To achieve this look without going under the knife, Jelena relies on a combination of PDO threads and dermal filler to lift the brows.

Nose: Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber has a “beautiful brow-bridge-tip contour” that many patients bring in for rhinoplasty (surgical nose job) inspiration, NY Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr Edward S. Kwak, says. This essentially means her bridge is refined, with a contoured nose tip and a subtle “ski-slope” dip (in the centre) that makes the nose appear more feminine than a razor straight nose.

The best noses “frame the eyes” well, therefore noses (like other features) must be tailored to a patient’s individual facial proportions. Whilst celebrity noses can be used as inspiration, there is a limit to what can be achieved during surgical (going under the knife) and non-surgical (using fillers/threads) rhinoplasty, based on your own anatomy.

Lips: Scarlett Johansson

While Kylie Jenner may have caused a boom in lip injectables, the most desired lips patient request is actually Scarlett Johansson’s “Her pouty and symmetrical lips are growing increasingly popular,” Jelena Vucica, cosmetic injector and owner of The Cosmetic Lounge says. The first-line treatment for fuller lips is generally lip fillers.

Cheeks: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s chiselled cheekbones are commonly referenced by clients at The Cosmetic Lounge, Jelena Vucica notes. Her cheeks are the perfect combination between plump at the apples and sharp at the edges.

However, whilst prominent and high cheekbones may be desirable in the west, many Asian clients opt to go under the knife and shave off their cheekbones. The general beauty trend in Asia aligns more with a softer aesthetic, where ‘baby-doll’ features reign supreme. High cheekbones or defined jawlines are considered too masculine, with rounder faces such as Angelababy considered the ideal. The most popular cheek treatment in Asia is placing filler in the apple of the cheeks or in the buccal region for a more ‘round’ look.

Jawline: Halle Berry

Data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery positions Halle Berry as the most-requested celebrity jawline, followed by Keira Knightley and Jennifer Lopez. The ideal is a well-defined jawline, that isn’t too razor-sharp. Patients generally don’t want to appear too hollow or pointy, as that can be ageing – so subtle contour is key. Surgically, jawline implants can be placed or facial liposuction can be performed to lift the area.

Breasts: Salma Hayek

Instead of breast ‘wishlists’, many patients actually bring in pictures of bosoms they don’t want. According to NY Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr Edward S. Kwak, patients don’t want breasts that look obviously fake” – with many concerned their enhancements will look like “too round like Tori Spelling and Pamela Anderson”. Patients are after “full and natural” breasts that are not too “stiff or separated” – with Salma Hayek’s breast amongst the most highly requested.

Anti-Ageing Treatments: Demi Moore

When it comes to turning back the clock for women in their 50s, patients often bring in images of Demi Moore. They want to appear naturally youthful, with no obvious signs of nips and tucks (read: overtly lifted, tight and puffy). Dr Ethward says Demi Moore has likely had “Fillers and an eye-lift.”

Story by Kristina Zhou. Holding shot by Jamie Nelson

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