In a sky-high rooftop bar above the hip Melbourne Hotel in Perth CBD, the city’s assorted glitterati are gathered for a particularly innovative product launch. Cosmetic clinic Youth Lab are not only celebrating their first birthday, but also the fact that they’re the first Western Australian clinic to offer revolutionary skin resurfacing laser, the Halo. And I’m here to experience the launch first hand.

It’s not every day you fly across the country for a launch, but the promise of meeting the team behind Youth Lab and having a play with such cutting edge technology was particularly tempting. We had already interviewed Dr Kate for one of our WHO profiles and found the team to be up-to-the-minute with current skin technologies. And the excuse to celebrate is just a bonus.

With the sleek gleaming skyline we could almost be in New York or London, and the accompanying food and cocktails at the sleek Aurora bar are just as impressive. Over the course of the evening we sample fresh oysters, oozy aranchini and delectable yellow fin tuna sashimi cones. The Moët flows freely, tempered nicely with coconut water spiked with The Beauty Chef’s Hydration Tonic. As any skin aficionado knows – it’s essential to keep up the H2O when taking a tipple.

The assembled crowd includes some of Perth’s most well-heeled and smooth-browed beauties, media types and influencers. There are slogans on the floor and in the bathrooms reminding guests that “Youth Has No Age” and “Self Love Isn’t Selfish”. Guests take turns reclining on the treatment bed under the Healite for a side of LED with their custom cocktails (the Shambhala consists of orange blossom, coconut water, rose essence and sugar-free tonic over a gin base with floral ice cubes and red rose petals) while glamorous DJ F.A.D.J.’s tunes provide a mellow soundtrack to the excited chatter in the room.

And of course – the star of the show – the Halo Laser is on display in all its high tech glory. There’s a competition tonight to win a treatment and everyone claps when well-known and highly regarded fashion sketch artist Michelle Pike’s name is drawn out of the hat by Dr. Kate.

Kate tells me later that she chose the Halo because of its versatility, and comparably low downtime. “The Halo has been a game changer for my practice and Youth Lab are proud to be the first and only clinic to offer this advanced treatment. With the Halo I am able to offer my patients a treatment that delivers the incredible results of an ablative fractionated laser, but without the prolonged down time and risks that other lasers have.

The Halo is at the forefront of innovation and provides me with a platform to treat all skin types and especially the sun damaged skin we see here in Perth.”

And with that, it’s time to head home and get my beauty sleep. Tomorrow we’re back in the Youth Lab clinic to actually test out the Halo for a “diary of ablative laser story” we’re doing on Beauticate – stay tuned for our verdict, coming soon.

Story by Sigourney Cantelo. Photography by P.S. Smile and Sigourney Cantelo; video by Known Associates Events.

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