They're in the business of making women feel beautiful, so it's no wonder they direct some of that knowledge back on themselves. But it's not all my-body-is-a-temple stuff. From the cheats and treatments that get them through busy periods to the delicious snacks that aren't totally boring, these are the head-to-toe-go-tos of those in-the-know.


The Reformed Cheater

“Let’s just say if there’s a Lazy Girls Option, I’m going to take it. I’m also in the ridiculously lucky position of being able to road test the latest cosmetic and fitness trends and call it ‘work’. When I was desperate to drop the lower body flab I had accrued after bringing my second bub into the world, and knowing that I’m “far too busy” to actually exercise (two young children, my own business, yada, yada, excuse, excuse), I decided to trial Hypoxi – the targeted fat burning and cellulite treatment. I had awesome results – dropping 2 kgs and a total of 10cm from my lower half. See my video here (and enter our competition here to win a makeover). I also recently road-tested Cool Sculpting – which is an alternative to liposuction where they freeze your fat off. And you know what, it actually worked! See the video here, but the spare tyre around my tummy that I used to grab easily has actually gone, so I’m already plotting my return treatment (love handles I’m comin’ for ‘ya).

After having some great results and getting part of the way towards my body goals, it’s time to tone up. I joined a gym – The Centennial Health Club – which is five minutes from my house, so no excuses. I’m training with owner Andrew Bovill who totally gets that I want to perk-up-my-butt and Madonna-fy my arms ASAP, so he did a full biometric scan and has given me a workout plan and classes that are actually a lot of fun and include things like rock climbing, bear walking, silks and acrobatics and other primal movements that don’t really feel like gym stuff at all. He also convinced me to do their 30-day wellness challenge – on the same day I received an invitation from Eat Fit Food to do their 28-day challenge. Is the universe trying to tell me something? I am half way through both and I have to tell you, I’m feeling better than I ever have in my life. I actually fall asleep exhausted every night at 10 (this from a seasoned insomniac) and wake up at 6am chomping at the bit to go for a soft sand run at Bondi and return home to scoff my coldpressed green juice and breakfast burrito that comes neatly apportioned and delivered to my door each day. If only eating well was this easy ALL the time. When the chocolate craving hits at 3pm, I’ve started having a Beauty Herbal Fix drink which is super tasty but sweetened with stevia, so no sugar. It’s full of vitamins, collagen, aloe vera and other skin loving ingredients and tides me over til dinner. Hoping my old habits will die easily and this is the start of a brand new me. As ever, I’ll report back and let you know. ;)”

Sigourney’s Fit Picks:


The Salty Nature Lover

“I feel the most beautiful after an active start to the morning, including training, getting out into nature and going for a dip in the ocean. There’s just nothing like feeling fresh and energised walking out of the ocean up to my towel on the beach dripping in fresh salty water with the sun on my skin. I love moving my body to release endorphins and feel fit, healthy and strong. I mix up my routines between coastal runs from Bondi-Coogee, saunas and swims at Icebergs. I also rotate training at the gym, getting involved in a group class or being pushed by a personal trainer! I train daily between Beach Fit Bondi gym, F45 Classes and Scott Gooding’s Bootcamp. I also do the occasional boxing class with a personal trainer Ashleigh Besse at PE Department in Potts Point.”

“I love nourishing food so much. I’m big on fresh, organic whole foods, lots of green juice, bone broth, plenty of sleep, regular exercise and for an extra inner boost I’m a huge fan of The Beauty Chef GLOW Inner Beauty Powderand Collagen. I’m releasing an eBook Recipes for Radiance which will include all of my delicious, nutritious recipes from broth, green soups, curries, spinach quiche to sweet potato chips, herbed fish and spicy veggies, the list goes on. I also drink teas, water, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil with a dash of turmeric in hot water (it’s SO delicious) all day long, and I’m totally obsessed with juices and kombucha. I’m lucky not to have a sweet tooth, lots of bitter flavours or salt for me please! I’m fortunately to naturally love healthy food – it’s just normal for me to eat well.”

Emmily’s Fit Picks:

The Reluctant HIITer

“My go-to exercise in the past has been yoga, pretty much exclusively. Except for the sporadic Pilates class, I tended to opt for whatever kept me in relative comfort and low to the ground. Do you know what isn’t comfortable? Cardio. In high-school, if I didn’t have my gym gear I didn’t have to do gym… with some consequences. So, I chose detention every third day in lieu of ever getting puffed out. True story. So, yoga worked for me. Until, that is, I had a baby. I’ll admit, I got lucky – no obvious loose skin or stretch marks (thank you genetics and Palmer’s Coconut Oil!) and I used a Belly Bandit for the weeks following birth, which I believed help regain my pre-baby shape. Shape, yes. Muscle, no. I’d lost so much muscle I could essentially squeeze my thigh, lose my hand in the flesh and touch bone. Not a scrap of lean muscle left. One of my best friends, Erin, started F45 Neutral Bay and asked if I wanted to join. After picking my self up slowly from ROFLing, I realised I needed to get serious. It’s functional high intensity interval training, aka a killer workout. Do I hate every last second? Absolutely. But, I’m now stronger than I’ve ever before. I can’t like, Hulk things out of my way or anything, but I’m stronger. They were also wonderful with adjusting workouts for my ability, post-baby circumstance and correcting poor form.”



“Food wise, I’m quite healthy. I drink wine, eat chocolate and am made up of 78% peanut butter (the regular old Kraft kind), but I have a green smoothie every day (thanks Miranda Kerr…), keep my portion sizes small and make sure I’m never starving hungry. (Although, I have recently begun intermittent fasting with 14:10 – so no food after 7:30pm, and eat again around 9:30/10am). I increased my calorie intake after replacing yoga with F45 (sorry yoga classes, but after a human left my body, let’s just say I wasn’t able to face a public downward dog with the same…confidence… I once did). I now require a lot of sustenance, so a nibbling of carrots as a pre-workout snack doesn’t cut it. I am now one of those people who has a pantry of powders (pre-workout, protein powder, post-workout, magnesium…) and include plenty of ‘good’ fats into my diet. I’ve since moved two hours away and my routine is a bit out of whack, but I’m back to training. For the first time in my whole life I can do ten full push-ups, on my toes…”

Rikki’s Fit Picks:

“Yoga always puts me in a good mood and keeps me grounded. When I’m in the habit of meditating each morning I feel on top of the world. I love simple rituals to unwind, like lighting sandalwood incense and drinking calming Vata tea which Jacqui Lewis from The Broad Place kindly gave me when I interviewed her for The Grace Tales. Then I might light a candle and listen to some Deva Premal – bliss!”

“I feel most beautiful are when I’m on holiday when I’ve forgotten to look in the mirror because I’m so happy and relaxed and just enjoying the atmosphere and company all around me.  I also feel amazing when I’ve been looking after myself from the inside out, meditating and nourishing my body with delicious things from Orchard Street and juices from Cali Press  – or after an awe-inspiring yoga class. I feel invigorated, connected and so alive.”

Sarina’s Fit Picks:

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