PSA: Physically fit and active women are 90 percent less likely to develop dementia later in life. Pretty cool, right? Studies proving the benefits of exercise aren’t new, but yet only 29 percent of Australians are physically active two or more times per week. Why aren’t more Aussies getting their daily sweat sesh in? The leading reported cause is a lack of time. We totally get it, you’re busy! But next time you find yourself pressed for time, try an at home workout that reaps plenty of benefits in little to no time. Need some inspo? We sweat it out with one of Sydney’s top trainers to bring you a killer 25 minute home workout plan…

Just around the corner from Beauticate HQ is the beautiful Lean Bean Fitness loft studio. Lizzie, the owner and head trainer of LBF, specializes in whipping women into shape and delivering a legendary full-body burn. She’s taken us through a 25 minute workout that anyone can do anywhere– so grab a towel, get some water, and let’s sweat.


Warm Up


Down on your mat, get into a 4-point kneel. Shoulders stack over wrists and hip bones stack over knees. Pressing the hands into the floor, tuck chin to chest and pull your belly button up towards your spine as you hollow out the belly and puff up through the whole back. Hold for 1 breath, then return to starting position. Drop the chest and belly towards the floor as you arch the back and look up and straight ahead. Hold for 1 breath. Return to start. Thats 1 set- Repeat x8.  

Down Dog With A Hover

In a 4-point kneel, tuck your toes under and float the knees a few inches off the mat, looking straight down and keeping a straight spine and belly button pulling in. Look back towards the toes as you send the bum to the sky and press back into downward facing dog. Look to the hands as you lower the knees back towards the mat into the hovering 4-point kneel. Repeat x15. 


Workout (45 seconds on- 15 seconds rest. Repeat x3)

Commando Plank Walk-Out

Starting in a crouch, feet stay hip width apart as you stay low and walk out to a high plank. Bend in the arms and lower down onto the left forearm then the right. Keeping the bum tucked under, press off the right hand then the left, back into high plank. Bend the knees, staying low, walk the hands back to start.

Rotating Plank With Press Up

Start in high plank- arms just outside shoulder width apart and shoulders stacking over wrists. Elbows go wide as you lower your chest to mat then press back up. Press off left hand and rotate into a side plank, hips high and the body in one long line. Rotate back into high plank, press-up, rotate into right side plank. Repeat.

Frog Jumps

Start in high plank, bend the knees and jump feet to hands. Lift arms to sky as you power through and jump up, then land back in a low squat. Hands meet the floor as you stay low and jump feet back and into a high plank. Repeat.

Twisted Star Jumps

Start with feet together and hands down by your side. Star jump to center. Chest stays center as you star jump sending the left leg forward and right leg back, return to start. Star jump center, star jump sending right foot forward and left leg back, star jump facing center. Repeat.

Single Leg Hops

Start in a left high runners lunge, fingers lightly pressing on the mat. Power through the heel of the left leg as you jump up and bring the right knee to chest. Land on the left foot as you send the right leg back and back to starting position. Repeat x8 left leg, switch and repeat x8 right leg.


Cool Down

Lunge into Hamstring Stretch

Start in a low runner lunge on left leg- left knee is stacked over ankle and right knee is behind on the mat. Place right hand on the mat, inside of left leg, as left arm opens to side and reaches to ceiling- opening up and stretching the side body in a twist. Return back to lunge. Place both hands on knee as you come up to a straight back and further stretch the hip flexors. Send bum back as your straighten the left leg and flex toes back to face. Lean over leg. Return back to low lunge and repeat on other side. Repeat x8 each leg.


Story by Molly Gay. Photos by Daniel Hilburn.


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