Remember not so many moons ago, when there simply wasn’t enough nail bed to accommodate all that glitter? From the half-moons to the stand-alone nail, things quickly escalated from avant-garde to downright crafty. To the minimalists among us, we can safely say we’ve come full circle.


Having cut, paste, bedazzled and bejeweled our cuticles beyond an inch of their lives, the plain and simple mani is back in the fashion spotlight. So dig your claws into our five favourite minimalist nail trends that’ll never fall out of favour.


Navy is the perfect fallback nail. As trusty as a classic red lip, if you simply can’t decide, just call on old navy. Our pick of the palettes? Dior Vernis in Blue Period is just inky enough to come out on top.

What it says about you:

Navy is unassuming, subtle yet self-assured. There’s no fuss and no frills. You keep one beautifully manicured finger on the pulse of what’s trending and you’re not afraid to dip a toe in the colour pool. You dare devil, you.


Having skyrocketed in popularity during the nineties, the supermodel nail du jour is still a winner. The French manicure is making a rightful comeback, on both fingers and toes. For those with a rock steady hand, try the Essie Mademoiselle French Manicure Set to achieve a salon-worthy look at home.

What it says about you:

You know what you want and you don’t mess around. Those who fancy the French didn’t come to fluff around with the colour wheel, the choice is simple, and it’s subtle and stylish.



Red can be a tricky one to nail with the seemingly endless variations. If you usually lean to more muted hues, opt for a shade of red that’s universally flattering with the kudos to boot. OPI Big Apple Red has cooler blue tones as opposed to warmer ones, having reigned as the preferred red for over a decade.

What it says about you:

When executed right, a red nail, much like a red lip is an homage to old Hollywood, a testament to class and the ultimate in femininity. Those who veer down the red route suggest confidence, excitement, adventure and a splash of romance. Plus, have you ever met a red you didn’t like?


Nude nails are effortlessly chic and thanks to the Kardashian clan who insist it’s best to ‘go nude or go home’ are anything but beige and boring. Try picking a nude that complements your skin tone rather than matches it, to avoid feeling like a mannequin. Butter London Starkers collection with hues like Crumpet, is perfect for those who dare to go bare.

What it says about you:

Nude nails are like a classic designer handbag, while they may not be loud, flashy or command attention upon arrival; the finer details are admired upon a second glance. They also say ‘I’m confident to go naked’ which is always a plus.


In a bid to avoid chipping, maintenance or boasting too moody of a mani, some choose to avoid black altogether. Yet when dutifully maintained, there is no shade more elegant or daring than black. Invest in a classic like Chanel Le Vernis in Black Satin, a fail-safe hue that’ll never let you down.

What it says about you:

Black nails needn’t be exclusively gothic. A glossy, well-shaped black nail is just as classy as the rest of them. Black says ‘I’m not afraid of a little danger and you can’t call me lazy’. It’s one of the few hues that remain equal parts high fashion and fun, without even trying. As Wednesday Addams so wonderfully put it, “I’ll stop wearing black when they find a darker colour”. Amen to that, sister.

Story by Ashley Ropati

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  1. May 13, 2015

    So relieved! I hate nail art. So tricked up.

  2. May 13, 2015

    I like ciate – it’s really beautiful. I think nail art can be tasteful when done the right way.

  3. May 13, 2015

    OPI Bubblebath. Always!

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