Sigourney road tests the latest express skin treatment – an LED light rejuvenation in your coffee break.

My skin has been a bit blah lately.

Not sure if it’s the moisture-sapping winter chill, the cold I’ve just fought off or the sleep I’m definitely not getting, but my complexion is crying out for help. When the invitation for a little LED light love pinged into my inbox, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Tucked away in a sleek arcade in Sydney’s Double Bay is Lite Luxe: a super speedy new skin treatment concept. The chic little salon features two comfy, Danish-designed armchairs each positioned under a super charged LED “Healite II” machine, which uses light to rejuvenate your skin in just 15 minutes. A long swathe of floaty fabric encircles each chair, chilled music plays and the walls are painted in dove grey. The effect is dreamy and cocoon-like, and a wonderful respite from the daily grind.
“We chose this particular chair for its comfort,” says my therapist, Jody as she hands me some goggles and positions the light above my face. “Because it’s just 15 minutes we didn’t want people to lie down on a bed and feel like they couldn’t get up again,” she explains.

When Jody turns the light on…

it heats up gently and then begins to move around the different sections around my face – which is supposed to stimulate the cells more effectively. Healite and commonly-known brand Omnilux are both types of LED rejuvenation, a treatment that works by stimulating fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, which give our skin that springy bounce and lovely luster.

“The machines that we use are the same ones that are used in hospitals on burns victims to speed up wound healing and in pain management on patients suffering from severe migraines and back pain,” says Jody. “LED has also been used for mood therapy and in countries where there’s SADS and illness from lack of daylight.”


As the machine glows satisfyingly, Jody begins a hand massage. With the warmth of the light and the rhythmic palm rub I quickly sink into a deep relaxation.

When the lights switch off I almost want to cry.

“Can I have another 15 minutes, please?” I whimper.
“If I had a dollar for every person that says that!” laughs Jody.

I feel all warm and sun-drunk…

like I’ve just fallen asleep at the beach – but without any of the disastrous effects of UV. And my skin feels strangely energized. Like it’s been bathed in Berocca.

“You’ll feel the tingling the cells being woken up the cells being stimulated, which is a sign of the cell activation. Your cells will be more receptive to the hyaluronic acid around them, which in turn plumps them up from within.”

Lite Luxe treatments cost $50 for a 15 minute session or $450 for a pack of ten. Head to for more.

Words by Sigourney. Sponsored by Lite Luxe.

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