Perched on the aesthetically-minded Transvaal Avenue of Double Bay, amid hair salons and cosmetic surgeons, is Melanie Grant Skin Health - an institution named as a dermal Graceland by those in the know. Melanie, affectionately called Mel by her clientele, knows skin and is the woman behind some of the country’s most enviable complexions: Delta Goodrem, Lara Worthington, Nicole Warne and Nicole Trunfio to name a few. She’s also the official skin expert for Chanel Australia.

The clinic itself is all monochrome elegance – an ode to the fashion industry and the flawless complexions that exist within it. A massive vintage Chanel advertisement hangs behind the reception desk, which is groaning under the weight of a mass of creamy white roses in a vase. The marble coffee table is laden with photography and fashion books. An enormous multi-stemmed orchid towers over the scene and hanging above the waiting area is Herb Ritt’s famous image of The Supermodels, their flawless skin gleaming resolutely through the glass.

I arrive for my treatment, utterly exhausted (in that unique ‘I’ve-had-three-hours-sleep-a-night-for-three-weeks-running’ ways common to new mums) and toting Luella in her cumbersome baby capsule. I’m greeted by the gorgeous Clare – a beautiful girl clad in a mesh, form-fitting black outfit, teamed with whiter than white trainers (it seems to be the unofficial uniform of Mel’s staff – all black outfits with trainers and it’s terribly on point). She leads me into a treatment room and gives me a stylish strapless gown with a bronze Melanie Grant logo emblazoned on it. There are impressive laser machines hulking in the corner and a huge screen playing footage of models stomping down the catwalk at the latest collections. After a quick cleanse, my skin is prepped and in sweeps Mel.

A walking advertisement for her work, she is statuesque and always perfectly turned out in sweeping A-line skirts and towering heels. Her creamy, lustrous complexion speaks volumes about the myriad serums and laser tricks she keeps up her Ellery bell-sleeves. In no time at all, she is wielding a laser over my skin and zapping the pigment. Today is the less relaxing but more results oriented facial – last week I had the heavenly Organic Radiance Facial – proof that no matter what your skin (or mood) there’s a treatment to suit you.

Mel and I catch up and swap notes on her latest skincare findings (stay tuned for another story to come soon!) before she applies sunscreen and lets me loose into the world (clutching an icy bottle of mineral water to apply as a cold compress). My skin is flushed and a little hot from the IPL but I know that it’s all for very good reason. Over the next few days the annoying pigmentation and sun spots I amassed during pregnancy turn dark brown before flaking off satisfyingly. My skin is left plump and glowy and even attracts a few very welcome compliments – no mean feat when you’re living on rationed sleep. Needless to say, there’s no doubting I’ll be back to see Mel again soon.


14 Transvaal Avenue
Double Bay, NSW 2028
(02) 9363 3663

Review by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Elise Hassey

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