While Lasertech has been in North Adelaide for over a decade, it has evolved in the last two years under the new management of Olga Levchenko. Judging by the treatment list, this lady has a true passion for skin. From the sleek relaxation suite and candle-lit spa to the high tech treatment rooms this beauty bolthole offers everything under one roof. From when you drive into the complimentary car park – featuring an intercom specifically for spa clients – the whole experience is designed around ease and relaxation. Well-heeled clientele drift in and out from the neighbouring gym and it’s the ‘go to’ on the list of celebs visiting Adelaide. If it’s good enough for Hilary Swank while filming in Adelaide, then count me in.

Stepping into the luxurious reception, I’m greeted by the gorgeous Summer and Whitney, who takes me on a tour of the glam facilities. Plush earthy tones make you want to slow down and settle in for the day. Their recent refurbishment sparkles with custom-designed artworks, gleaming marble finishes and countless treatment rooms as we tour the seemingly endless space. While the idea of a platter lunch and a champagne with a few of my besties in the deluxe beige on beige relaxation suite sounds amazing, I’m here for some serious skin maintenance: a one-on-one dermabrasion treatment with skin expert Adriana.

While only 25, don’t be fooled by her dewy appearance. This girl has been working in beauty since she was 17, and four of those years have been spent at Lasertech. I feel confident I’m in good hands as I’m lead into a well lit clinical room after completing an extensive questionnaire. A cup of tea and we’re down to business.

Firstly I’m given a 3D check of my skin using a Visia machine, which is like a Wood’s Lamp on steroids. While I’m pleasantly surprised my skin age comes in a five years younger than I am (thank you day job as a cosmetic Nurse) I’m interested to see the hydration issues, fine lines around the eyes and long term sun damage.

Regular clients at the spa are recommended to have Visia images taken every second treatment; as this really helps with those with thickened skin types, ageing skin and sun bunnies to see the changes that are happening in their skin. I’m then taken into a luxe spa room where my Ultraceuticals expert gets to work. The dimly-lit room doesn’t worry me when Adriana states that ‘my hands are now my eyes at the best of times’ – she actually feels the texture and skin changes as she goes. I settle in for the works.

After settling into the super comfy bed with an initial cleanse, Adriana begins the UltraSonophoresis treatment. This involves a low frequency ultrasound paddle used to achieve an deeper second cleanse. A slightly high-pitched noise can be heard as it works its magic. Next up, a Microdermabrasion and a Hydrabrasion are performed, which feels like a gentle vacuum on the skin, creating a deep exfoliation action. It effectively removes dead skin cells to create a more even texture.

Next a LED Heal Light is then placed over my face for about twenty minutes. Adriana tells me that this is a non aggressive way to promote skin rejuvenation by treating deeper layers of the skin that the dermabrasion can’t. It feels slightly warm and lulls me into a deep facial coma while Adriana prepares my medical peel.

She has chosen the Ultraceuticals Mandelic peel by Ultraceuticals for me today as it creates the least aggressive response with maximum benefits. It has a slight fizz to it on application rather than a sting like peels I’ve had before.

I’m spoilt with a neck massage while a Replenishing Mask from the Ultraceuticals skin care range sits on my skin for about ten minutes. A Vitamin B2 and antioxidant serumare then applied post treatment using the UltraSonophoresis to create a deeper penetration of the products. A slicking of Ultraceuticals SPF 50+then completes my facial.

Walking out the door I’m slightly flushed but hydrated and polished to perfection. To wrap it all up and send me back out into the real world, I have a dusting of mineral makeup that’s available in the changing rooms and I head into the city for lunch. After all, this skin needs showing off. The best thing about the dermabrasion treatment is that it can been used on all skin types – even the most sensitive (gift certificate anyone?)

By Juliette Tuck


Lasertech Clinic and Luxury Spa
Ground Floor Next Generation Health Club
War Memorial Drive
North Adelaide SA 5006
(08) 8410 7877

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Special for Beauticate Readers: We would like to offer to every Beauticate reader a complimentary PEEL or LED with every microdermabrasion treatment purchased.

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