Some women are innately stylish. A simple grace and ease to their look that doesn't feel forced, yet is perfectly put together. Stylist and Digital Editor, Claire Fabb is that to a T (and with a name like that ...). Founder of fashion blog Style By Yellow Button, she walks the talk (in some incredible gold glitter Gucci heels) and dispenses practical yet perfectly en pointe advice. The busy mum of three – Milla Fabb (11) Indiana Fabb (12) and Charlie Gordon (12) is also a skincare fiend, with a particular penchant for La Prairie. We stepped inside her incredibly beautiful Double Bay home to talk beauty, style and the products that changed her life...

“When I style someone the first thing is really understanding what the individual feels…

…like what they want, and understanding what their style is. Then it’s about identifying the key pieces they need to emulate the style they’re looking for. The ultimate goal is for someone to look and feel amazing. The basics every woman should have are a great pair of jeans, a black tailored jacket, a little black dress, a great heel, more of a casual wear jacket – whether it be denim, leather or bomber- and great t-shirts in lots of different colours.

When it comes to beauty, I’m all about skin.

Especially as we get it’s important to look after yourself and investing in your skin is really important. I’m not someone who likes to wear lots of makeup, it’s not my style. I’ve been using La Prairie for three or four years now. When I was introduced to it, a long time ago, I just realised how amazing my skin felt. I definitely noticed… a tightening. And then people commented on how glowy my skin was. I noticed less fine lines. You know when something just works for you. I knew I had just found my partner in skin.

I cleanse my face morning and night without fail.

Then I use a toner, the pink Softening and Balancing Lotion works really beautifully with my skin. I use cotton balls for a really nice even application. Then I use my serums. The first serum I use is the Skin Caviar Crystalline Concentre, that was a game changer. I always use that. I also use the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and recently I’ve started using Skin Caviar Absolute Filler. I don’t know what or how it works exactly but it is absolutely brilliant for plumping the skin. Then I use the Platinum Serum around my eyes.

I really don’t have a lot of make up.

My non-negotiables are By Terry concealer and Hourglass mascara and then I love a light Stila bronzer for a bit of colour. And, then a special recent gift to myself was my YSL bag. A midnight Matches purchase that I just ADORE.

My little luxury item is my Bottega Veneta Body Powder.

That’s when I have some solid time on my own. I’ll have a bath, a glass of wine, candle and all finished off with a puff of my beautiful powder. (It’s so 50’s glamour!) I also use the La Prairie Luxe Sleep Mask every three days. It’s less of a chore than it is a treat. I find my skin regime, it’s my little bit of luxury during the day. It’s my indulgence time. When I have a bath I’ll also do the 3-minute peel mask.


There are two fragrances I wear. Si by Armani and Do Son by Diptiqyue.

They’re as much an accessory as my statement earrings – which I love to mix into my wardrobe. My big tortoise shell earrings I bought in two seconds flat walking past a store because I needed more ‘personality’ in my outfit. I love Clover Accessories– she’s a talented designer from Perth. My beautiful rose gold and black earrings were a stunning gift from my cousin this year for being her bridesmaid. Jewellery that has sentimental value is always my favouritepiece to an outfit. Forever pieces that hold a special place in my heart.

I used to have very damaged hair.

My friend Mel comes over and does my colour. Olivia Sorello is in Manly and she has her own business a salon out of her house and I go all the way back over there for my cutting.

I love pilates.

I love going on long walks. I go to Pilates classes but I haven’t found somewhere I actually love. I love doing stuff with the kids too like walking around Centennial park.

I collect pieces when I travel.

I got a beautiful ring from Kas in Turkey when I was there on holiday. It’s a big tourist town. All the streets are lined with craftspeople. I got this ring and I regret not buying the matching bracelet actually. I love all my vintage jewellery.

I dress depending on my mood.

I guess I am very classic but I love eclectic pieces. It’s an expression of how I feel. If I’m feeling bold, confident and out there, I wear something out there. If I feel more get-on-with-the-job I go more classical or conservative. Obviously if I have meetings, more corporate focused I won’t wear my bright Gucci shoes. But I’ve always got my sentimental pieces on. With culling clothes, I have a three-month turn around. I turn all my hangers the wrong way and then if at the end of the three months, whatever isn’t turned around I get rid of. But I can keep three sentimental items.”

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith; Interview by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Petter Karlstrøm; Hair & Makeup by Nicola Burford.

In Association With La Prairie.

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