Ryan Channing may currently be best known for his will-they-won’t-they relationship with a certain Olympian, but right now he's working hard to shake up the beauty space - and make it more inclusive for absolutely everybody. Model and founder and CEO of The Blaq Group, he is responsible for three ranges and counting – Blaq (which relies on charcoal to draw out skin impurities), Generation Clay (based on ingredients indigenous to Australia), and just this month he has launched Flight Mode, a collection of travel-sized products to keep your glow game strong, even at 10,000 feet. In between his world travels (if you’re susceptible to FOMO, you’re best avoiding his Instagram) Ryan invited us into his brand new Sydney bachelor pad and told us about the holy grail grooming product he is constantly searching for, and his number one guilty pleasure.

“I knew I wasn’t meant to be sitting at a desk all day, clocking in 9 to 5, and knew I wanted to make a difference with the work I do. I have a strong interest in the benefits active ingredients can have on one’s complexion, and the confidence good skin brings.

There are so many elements that I love about my job. The creative aspect, from choosing colour palettes to fragrance to packaging, is amazing, and then finally seeing it on the shelves in store is a very rewarding moment. It also fits well with my passion for travel, as nowadays I’m always in a different city in the world sourcing ingredients and materials.

I’d describe my personal style as laidback luxe. I like pieces that are comfortable and functional with clean lines.

I’m a big fan of Virgil Abloh right now; what’s he’s designed for menswear at Louis Vuitton is genius and has definitely made it a label I keep on high rotation. Speaking of which, my favourite recent purchase is my Louis Vuitton Keepall Prism bag. It goes with me absolutely everywhere.

I think an important element of your style is scent. Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is my absolute all-time favourite fragrance pick, and if I had to describe what the perfect man smelled like, this would it!

I’m always on the hunt for a great BB cream. Seriously, if anyone has any recommendations, hit me up.

Until I find the perfect one, I am currently loving mixing a small amount of my Hourglass Vanish Foundation with Clinique Men’s Day Cream with SPF. I find this works to make me look really fresh faced, even when I’m exhausted. Otherwise, I really like Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Primer for everyday. It leaves your skin fresh and glassy looking. I haven’t mastered the world of makeup, however, I do know to always start with what works for you and don’t go overboard!

When it comes to skincare, I am all for keeping it consistent and not overcomplicate it. That’s what we try to focus on with Blaq and Generation Clay – certain staple ingredients that give great results. In terms of my hair, my mother and sister are both hairdressers so I’ve grown up with their insight as to what works well. I always keep the styling pastes by Oribe and Balmain on hand, which both work brilliantly to make the hair look matte and sit effortlessly.

I am constantly after that sun-kissed glow.

Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops are my ultimate staple. Another great option is the Tinted Face Oil by Kosås – the lightest and easiest foundation that any guy can use as their first step into makeup. Apply after you’ve washed your face and you have an instantly fresher, more awake look. What I love most about these products is that they are gender fluid and can work in any man’s routine, so if he’s been secretly stealing items from his partner up until now, these products can help him up his game.

And I never forget sunscreen – I only want a tan from a bottle, not the real thing. I had that drummed into me growing up in Perth, where the beach was my backyard. I would spend days on end there, but always covered in sunscreen.

Growing up, the whole world of beauty felt like this big hidden secret.

Now, that world has absolutely exploded, so that you can enjoy it no matter your gender or sexual orientation. That’s why, when creating my products, I want them to appeal to absolutely anyone who is interested in good, quick results. I love that beauty is becoming more and more inclusive.

Yoga and meditation are absolute musts for me, especially with my hectic schedule. I allow 20 to 30 minutes every morning for a quick yoga session as well as meditation. It works well for me to start my day with a positive intention.

I work out with my personal trainer Jono Castano twice a week and in each session we train specific muscle groups. We use a hypertrophy approach, as I can struggle to put muscle on. ‘Time under tension’ is one of his key techniques, where we focus on tempo and control.

It’s important to me to eat the right foods that fuel me with enough energy for whatever the day brings.

I generally eat a high protein diet, making sure I have adequate fats and carbohydrates to help me recover from my workouts. And you can’t go wrong treating yourself to Lindt’s dark chocolate with sea salt.

When it comes to ageing, don’t be afraid of looking forward.

Look after yourself. Focus on the foods that will make your body work well. Put the effort into learning about your skin and incorporate products that are beneficial to it. When you take care of your health, in every way, it shows.”

Story by Zoe Briggs. Photography by Pat Supsiri.

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  1. October 22, 2019
    glenn goodwin

    thank you Ryan a brilliant thoughtful account of how to bring beauty into our world for all