Sigourney Cantelo, Beauticate Editor & Founder. 

Sigourney Cantelo, Beauticate Editor & Founder. 

I created Beauticate because I wanted to empower women.

As a beauty and health director working in glossy magazines, I could see how much confusion and intimidation there was around cosmetics. Aisles of products and hundreds of launches each week, all claiming to take you one step closer to perfection. It’s no surprise that the beauty industry is criticised for being superficial. And sure, parts of it are: the fantastical campaigns and the flawless, airbrushed imagery are all designed to sell a dream. But the real value of cosmetics goes much deeper than that. What I love about beauty is its power to transform, not just the way you feel physically, but emotionally too.

It’s those little things, like the boost you get from a bold lip on a dreary morning; the confidence you have walking into a room with a glossy blow-dry; a new fragrance that inspires compliments from strangers, or the more private, full body “ahhh” you feel when you slip into a hot, fragrant bath. These things can be seriously empowering.

Cosmetics give women the tools to change the way they feel about themselves. But tools won’t do much without the skills to use them. The real transformation comes when you master the techniques – when you get a handle on the HOW-TOs.

Over the years in my career, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible industry professionals and personalities who have their beauty routines seriously down pat. I wanted to tell their stories, in their spaces, to demystify their beauty and make it accessible.

And so the idea for Beauticate was born: a fusion of the words “Beautify” and “Educate”. I wanted to create an indulgent escape where women could learn the techniques to look and feel incredible.

Beauticate is a website devoted to these inspiring individuals (The WHOs) and their techniques (The HOW-TOs); that celebrates anything that makes us feel beautiful – whether it’s how we style our hair or where we go for a facial; a new miracle product we’ve discovered or a can’t-live-without fragrance. We also keep you up to date with the latest beauty and health news and product reviews. 

My favourite part of my job has always been connecting with my readers, so above everything, I want this to be your site. Somewhere you can escape and indulge, but learn something at the same time. I encourage you to comment on the stories and share your experiences, everyone loves learning what other women do with their beauty routine. And ask us a question, any time! After all, beauty is meant to be fun. I love every minute of working on this site and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Sigourney x

Sigourney has worked as a Beauty journalist for over 16 years and was most recently Beauty & Health Director at Vogue Australia for nearly six years. Throughout her career, she has been awarded six Star Beauty Awards and five Jasmine Awards including winning the coveted Jasmine Award for Journalistic Excellence twice.

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 Rikki Hodge-Smith, News & Managing Editor

Rikki Hodge-Smith, News & Managing Editor

Rikki's passion is in women's health. After years of being confused about the little niggles we all face (but weren't talking about - bloating, mood swings, breakouts...) she used her role as a features writer to get down to the nitty-gritty of how a woman's body works. From the great importance of gut health, to more serious health concerns like PSOS, Rikki has investigated and written about it all. Her relationship with beauty has been hit-and-miss (a 90s' teen, she had the ‘Rachel Green’ cut and pencil-line thin eyebrows). But after landing herself an internship at Vogue Australia under Beauticate’s very own Sigourney over six years ago, she learnt that health and beauty make a wonderful pairing. She has held news and features positions for Women’s Fitness, Cleo, Primped and Dolly in health, fitness and beauty. As a new first-time mum, her latest curiosity resides in hormonal effects on the skin, and how she hadn't realised that remembering to brush her hair in the morning was a luxury... 

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Emily Algar, Beauty Editor


Emily has always been a little beauty obsessed. Having worked in cosmetic retail since 15, she has tried and tested a life times worth of products. After completing her Communications degree at Newcastle University, Emily found herself in the world of fashion PR, where she developed a sharp taste for trends and a flawless sense of style. An imaginative and passionate writer, she puts stories together with creative finesse. When she’s not writing or researching for Beauticate, Emily loves recreating meals she finds on Pinterest (raw salad bowls are her favorite), getting lost in a good book (anything Dan Brown), or researching her next holiday destination.


Stephanie Russo, Beauty Writer

With a degree in Communications under her belt, Stephanie returned to uni to complete her Masters in Journalism. Despite the lure of front- line reporting, she was drawn to the magic of lotions and potions - and soon found herself immersed in the wonderful bubble of beauty and health journalism. A passion for beauty blossomed from an early age. Scouring her mother's cosmetics drawers, it was early on she discovered that MAC - Lady Danger was indeed her colour - a "go to" for years to come. Her hobbies include scenic walks with her pooch Mr Darcy, binge watching episodes of Pretty Little Liars and attempting (mostly failing) to recreate her grandmas famous gnocchi.

 Josephine Taylor,  Contributing Food Writer

Josephine Taylor,  Contributing Food Writer

As our contributing food writer, London-based, Josie, aka The Fresh Ginger, is a vital food chef, student of holistic nutrition, and a registered yoga teacher. In her other life, she's an actress in plays, films and things - a profession that’s forced her to examine the relationship between food and vitality. A massive foodie, vintage music geek and good life adventurer, Josie’s all about making nutrition approachable, real, intuitive and above all, individual. You can check out her site, The Fresh Ginger, or follow her on Instagram @thefreshginger.


Jessica Burdon, New York Correspondent

An Aussie writer based in New York, Jess is constantly inspired by the fastidious grooming routines of her high maintenance Manhattan neighbours, which she wrote about here. With a bursting contact book of the who’s who of the Big Apple, Jess has pulled profiled some of the city’s most inspiring beauties for Beauticate. She freelances for a gamut of great publications including the Daily Beast, the Elephant Journal, Modellist-ID, and the Guiri Guides. She is addicted to edible beauty products and has been known to snack on the coconut oil she uses as moisturiser.


Sarah Jagger, London Correspondent

Australian-born makeup artist Sarah Jagger lives in London and pulled together some of our shoots and interviews with high profile beauties like Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore. She has also worked with everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Vivienne Westwood. She writes beauty stories for various UK magazines and presents the latest tips and tricks on British breakfast television. Known for her knack with creating gorgeous, glowy skin, Sarah layers great skincare and sheer washes of foundation to create an immaculate complexion. Take a look at her site here.