Sigourney Cantelo, Editor & Founder

“I created Beauticate because I wanted to empower women.

As a beauty and health director working in glossy magazines, I could see how much confusion and intimidation there was around cosmetics. Aisles of products and hundreds of launches each week, all claiming to take you one step closer to perfection. It’s no surprise that the beauty industry is criticised for being superficial. And sure, parts of it are: the fantastical campaigns and the flawless, airbrushed imagery are all designed to sell a dream. But the real value of cosmetics goes much deeper than that. What I love about beauty is its power to transform, not just the way you feel physically, but emotionally too.

It’s those little things, like the boost you get from a bold lip on a dreary morning; the confidence you have walking into a room with a glossy blow-dry; a new fragrance that inspires compliments from strangers, or the more private, full body “ahhh” you feel when you slip into a hot, fragrant bath. These things are seriously empowering.

Cosmetics give people the tools to change the way they feel about themselves. But tools won’t do much without the skills to use them. The real transformation comes when you master the techniques – when you get a handle on the HOW-TOs.

Over the years in my career, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible industry professionals and personalities who have their beauty routines seriously down pat. I wanted to tell their stories, in their spaces, to demystify their beauty and make it accessible.

And so the idea for Beauticate was born: a fusion of the words “Beautify” and “Educate”. I wanted to create an indulgent escape, a website with heart that also gave us the tools

Beauticate is a website devoted to these inspiring individuals (The WHOs) and their techniques (The HOW-TOs); that celebrates anything that makes us feel beautiful – whether it’s how we style our hair or where we go for a facial; a new miracle product we’ve discovered or a can’t-live-without fragrance. We also keep you up to date with the latest beauty and health news and product reviews.

My favourite part of my job has always been connecting with my readers, so above everything, I want this to be your site. Somewhere you can escape and indulge, but learn something at the same time. I encourage you to comment on the stories and share your experiences, everyone loves learning what other women do with their beauty routine. And ask us a question, any time! After all, beauty is meant to be fun. I love every minute of working on this site and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Sigourney x

Sigourney has worked as a Beauty journalist for 20 years and was most recently Beauty & Health Director at Vogue Australia for nearly six years. Throughout her career, she has been awarded six Star Beauty Awards and five Jasmine Awards including winning the coveted Jasmine Award for Journalistic Excellence twice.


Tess De Vivie De Régie, Features Editor

After obtaining a double degree in law and arts, majoring in French, and working as a paralegal, Tess moved from Perth to Sydney and joined Beauticate. As Features Editor, she not only writes reams of copy about cosmetics, she also oversees the editorial schedule, coordinates writers, manages deadlines and keeps the team generally on their toes. Additionally she films and edits a lot of the site’s video content, as well as curating and managing Beauticate’s social media platforms.

Beauty Loves:  A classic red nail polish like Essie Bordeaux (chic all year round), Chanel’s Bois des Îles perfume (the cosiest, most luxurious scent I know), and Japanese sunscreens.

Marina Gainulina, Beauty Writer

Before Beauticate, our Kazakhstan-born word-wizard, Marina, interned at GRAZIA Magazine, Portobello PR, and worked as a marketing assistant and stylist. After beginning a degree in Commerce, and failing a statistics class – twice! – she decided it was a sign from above to stick to her linguistic skills, and is now completing her Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications, majoring in journalism. When she’s not writing, you can find Marina reading, travelling (preferably around the Mediterranean), watching true crime, and patting all of the dogs.

Beauty Loves: Number 4 Hair Care’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore (colourless hair oil – a must for blondes); Arcona’s Cranberry Gommage Exfoliant; and any pinkish-brown lip liner (still on the hunt for my HG).

Kristin Rawson, Style Editor

With nearly 20 years experience in the world of styling and luxury fashion and interiors magazines, Kristin lends her closely-honed eye to our WHO profiles, interiors section and still life imagery. After years in New York working with celebrity stylists and on magazines US Harper’s Bazaar and American Teen Vogue, she returned to Sydney. She has most recently held positions at Real Living and Est Living, where she assists in the creative direction of editorial shoots along with fashion and interior advertising campaigns. She also works alongside her private clients with interior design consultations for their homes.

Beauty loves: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 (post-children my skin pigmentation has increased, so a daily SPF is essential); Westman Atelier Bronzer (being a beauty minimalist – but still very passionate about the subject – I prefer to not have a heavy layer of makeup on my skin if I am styling onset or with interior clients); Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment (a subtle nude lip with SPF to layer on through the day).

Zoe Briggs, Features Writer

It can take our features writer Zoe a little while to work out where she’s going, but it does mean she’s doubly thrilled when she arrives. Case in point – it took both a law degree and working as a paralegal to decide law wasn’t for her, before she made her passion for stories (and aesthetics) a priority as the Real Weddings Editor for US blog Snippet & Ink. Behind the scenes, skincare was turning from an interest into an obsession, and she couldn’t feel luckier to get to call it work now that she’s here at Beauticate. When she’s not wishing she had fifteen other faces with which to try all the things, she’s making neighbours uncomfortable by stalking their dogs, and making her husband uncomfortable with her true crime podcast obsession.

Beauty loves: Biologique Recherche P50 (the one and only), Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (the spa-like scent, the luxe feel, the glowing results), Tom Ford Lip Colour in True Coral (let me count the ways).

Kristina Zhou, Writer

Kristina’s media portfolio spans broadcast and print media, with bylines and production credits across The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph & Nine Entertainment Co. Beyond news media, she has experience across strategic corporate communications and public relations within the education sector. Kristina is currently a Media & Communications Manager in the broadcast and digital financial media sector. She holds a Bachelor Of Media (Communication & Journalism) from UNSW and graduated with Distinction. In her spare time she enjoys braiding her boyfriend’s beard.

Beauty loves: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream (applied under foundation, it instantly adds a dewy sheen) and Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler (it gives the perfect lash-lift).