VIDEO: How To DIY Professional Hair Colour At Home

Think you can’t get a professional colour job from a tube? Think again. Salon-loving Sigourney swapped her standing appointment for a DIY job – with stunning results. She made a video of her first experience with professional at-home hair colour and outlined a few tricks that made it look so pro. Pens at the ready.


Colour Selection cheat sheet: 

1. Head into store to pick up your colour – Solfine Crema Color is available at Priceline, Woolworths and Professional Hair Salons.

2. Identify your existing hair colour using the guide provided. 

3. Select your desired colour or shade using the colour options available for your current colour.

4. Choose the correct developer bottle based on your desired colour strength. 

5. Mix, apply & enjoy your new colour!



Video shot by Jenna Maslechko and Edited by Shiela Calaunan

Story in association with Solfine