How To Wear The Top 2018 Hair Trends

Fashion month has come to a close, and after some careful studying we can report that 2018's popular hair trends are far from boring. This season is all about rejuvenating your everyday style with texture and accessories. We sat down with Jayde Turner-Ledwidge, stylist/colourist at Edwards & Co, and discussed how to translate the runway trends into everyday life. 


Hair clips by  Paris Mode

Hair clips by Paris Mode

#1 Hair Accessories

"I feel like back in the day there weren't many chic ones out there, but these days most high end brands to fast fashion labels have scarves, pins, scrunchies, bows, clips and ribbons", Jayde tells us. Try these looks when you hair is clean and smooth, or use the clips to tame annoying flyaways and awkward-length fringe regrowth. Simply style hair as normal (we love a little wave and texture) then clip back hair to one side -  behind the ear or at the temple. For a sweet look, try clipping hair back behind both ears,  one clip on each side. 

Hair clips by  Paris Mode

Hair clips by Paris Mode

Hair clips by  Paris Mode

Hair clips by Paris Mode



#2 Scarves 

This look is perfect for those who have approximately .3 seconds to get ready in the morning (hi, mums). A medium-sized headscarf tied around a low pony or bun can look refined and elegant - even if your hair hasn't seen a shower for longer than you care to admit. To quickly prep hair for any style, Jayde recommends "dry shampoo to get one more day out of your blow-dry, my favourites are Oribe 'Gold Lust' and Aveda "sham pure'- both smell divine. Otherwise if you have a little more time, shampoo and condition your hair, comb it through and spritz some Hair Resort by Kevin Murphy the whole way through, slightly pat the moisture out of your hair and you are good to go! It will ease the frizz and accentuate your natural texture- it's great for giving your hair a break from the heat as well." 

Scarf by  Bess . Earrings by  Kailis Jewellery  

Scarf by Bess. Earrings by Kailis Jewellery  

Scarf by  Bess . Earrings by  Kailis Jewellery

Scarf by Bess. Earrings by Kailis Jewellery

Scarf by  Bess . Earrings by  Val ére 

Scarf by Bess. Earrings by Valére 



#3 Crazy Curls 

Call your mum, because the 80's perm is back - with a modern twist. "The trend right now with curls is an almost 70's curl that is flatter at the root, quite textures and generally with a fringe". If you're ready to go full curl, consider getting a perm treatment. Newer versions of the - notoriously hair-destroying - trend is gentler and can be adjusted depending upon hair type and desired outcome. If your hair suits the treatment, "I would recommend keeping it parted in the middle and or getting some feathered shorter laters around the face to frame the curls properly", says Jayde. 



If you'd rather mimic the look with a small barrel curling iron, "use a setting spray like KEVIN MURPHY anti-gravity throughout and dry it in. There aren't a lot of tiny tongs in the Australian market, so grab a Vidal Sassoon 19mm tong, or if you want tighter or your hair is particularly straight, get a MUK stick and use it to the smallest chronicle attachment. Use it throughout alternating ways, but keep all the sections around your face facing backwards. Let it cool down completely and then spritz KEVIN MURPHY Hair Resort to add the texture before shaking it out with your hands or a large tooth comb."


Something to keep in mind: "If you have ever taken your hair lighter... Even if it was 4 years ago, it was probably 99.9 percent of the time done so with bleach- and in this case perming is not for you. Your hair wont handle another chemical service. If you are considering this you need to be 100% transparent with the hairdresser. If the hairdresser hasn't asked you about previous chemical services then i would suggest researching a little further and seeing somebody else".



#4 Scrunchies

Don't lie, we've all been waiting for this trend to swing back around. Patterns such as Plaid and Hawaiian florals made their runway debut - and reassured us that it's ok to embrace our inner 90's teen. "A simple ponytail, bun or top knot can look more purposeful with any of these statement pieces, and can finish off an outfit.", Jayde says. Afraid to wear your bright scrunchy in public? Play around with velvet variations. They offer different colours and textures, without appearing too overwhelming. To avoid a look straight out of your high school yearbook, keep the hair relaxed, texturised, and slightly disheveled for a cool-girl look. 

Scrunchie:  Paris Mode  . Earrings Kailis Jewellery

Scrunchie: Paris Mode . Earrings Kailis Jewellery

Scrunchie:  Paris Mode . Earrings:  Kailis Jewellery

Scrunchie: Paris Mode. Earrings: Kailis Jewellery

Scrunchies:  Paris Mode . Earrings: Kailis Jewellery. 

Scrunchies: Paris Mode. Earrings: Kailis Jewellery. 

Scrunchies:  Paris Mode . Earrings:  Valére  

Scrunchies: Paris Mode. Earrings: Valére 


Earrings:  Valére

Earrings: Valére

#5 Braids

As one of the most versatile trends on our list, there are no boundaries for what you can create. We've seen everything from micro-braids hidden amongst waves, to intricate twists with incredible designs. For a look that can be worn desk-to-dinner, weave and twist your hair into  braided bun. 

Part the hair in three sections - left, centre, right - then braid each section from top to bottom and secure with a clear elastic. Use your hands to seperate and loosen up the braid along the head, for a more relaxed vibe. Twist the ends of the braid together into a bun and secure with pins that closely resemble your hair colour. To take the look into night, incorporate hair accessories into the braid. 

Hair clip:  Paris Mode . Earrings:  Valére

Hair clip: Paris Mode. Earrings: Valére


Story by Molly Gay. Styled by Paige Murphy. Photography by Amy Hibbard. Hair by Jayde Turner-Ledwidge